Colorado Lawmakers: “Offending us is bullying and is punishable by jail”

Colorado Silence Or Else

Last week, the Colorado House passed a “cyberbullying” bill which kills free speech and could land you in jail with fines if you annoy (translation: offend or insult) someone using your phone, email, social media or an other medium that’s electronic and interactive.  Democrat Representative Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) sponsored it, but some …

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Bi-partisan my eye! The CO State Exchange disaster is now owned by the Democrats.

Colorado Exchange Real GOP fights back

If you’ve stayed current on the Obamacare-controlled and misnamed “state health-care exchange” repeal effort over the last three years, then you know it has been an uphill struggle. The first repeal effort in 2012 only had five Republican co-sponsors with a then influential GOP House member, the exchange bill’s original sponsor …

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You'll be Paying $48/Hour for ObamaCare "Navigators" to Steer Your HealthCare Decisions [VIDEO]

Betsy McCaughey in Fox News interview with Stuart Varney

by Michelle Morin Now the REAL nightmare of ObamaCare begins to unfold. Starting October 1st, that beastly bureaucracy we call ObamaCare will be employing tens of thousands of “navigators.”  These navigators will be hired based on their race and ethnicity, and will be paid with your tax dollars from $24 …

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GOP Consultant Karl Rove's Cash-Rich Election-Losing Politburo – Deems "Stupid" Candidates & Defeats Conservatives


by Michelle Morin The GOP establishment godfather Karl Rove, whose election-pick track record has turned dismally south since the George W. Bush Presidential elections, has officially declared that his mafia seeks to annihilate conservatives in the GOP and dubiously named his PAC the “Conservative Victory Project.”   This establishment mafia …

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