CBS' Lara Logan Debunks Obama Administration's Lies about the War on Terror [VIDEO]


CBS News’ investigative reporter Lara Logan spoke in Chicago this week.  She not only sounds the alarm, but she debunks any and all myths the Obama administration has put forth about terrorism, the Taliban, al Qaeda, and Afghanistan. Logan gives a remarkable speech based on years of inside, on the …

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MSNBC Interviews Michelle at the RNC [VIDEO]


Great opportunity to reach the audience I want to speak with the most. Press play: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy. See original MSNBC Post “Women Share Their Reasons for Being at the Republican National Convention” by John Brecher here. ——————————- Michelle Morin is …

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New Fox News Radio Station in Colorado Springs – 1580am KREL


From your most trusted  name in news….. There’s a powerful new 10,000 watt Fox News affiliate radio station in town: 1580am KREL. “Real Radio for Real People” It’s a brand new station with a unique and comprehensive vision, propelling it to be real radio (and more) for real Colorado Springs area people.  KREL is providing local live talk …

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