Foreign Policy

Obama’s Deal with Iran Aligning America with Evil


We have witnessed much over the last eight years. Everyone knows of the promised “fundamental transformation” and while some still see it as political rhetoric many understand it involves destroying America’s foundations through a forced change in American demographics, massive and unsustainable spending, the abandonment of our Constitution, and attacks on our …

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CBS' Lara Logan Debunks Obama Administration's Lies about the War on Terror [VIDEO]


CBS News’ investigative reporter Lara Logan spoke in Chicago this week.  She not only sounds the alarm, but she debunks any and all myths the Obama administration has put forth about terrorism, the Taliban, al Qaeda, and Afghanistan. Logan gives a remarkable speech based on years of inside, on the …

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With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

Britain has been one of our strongest allies, and has been ever since I can remember.  She is with us in war, commerce and trade, intelligence sharing, and more.  But that “Special Relationship” between Britain and the United States, as described by Winston Churchill in 1946, will surely crumble with a US “leader” …

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