Rand Paul fights the leftist fire with fire, GOP ignores

Fighting Fire with Fire

Senator Rand Paul gave a “how to” lesson on dealing with the radical leftist media machine which should have Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians all on their feet applauding. In response to an AP question demanding he specifically answer which bans on abortion he would support,  Paul said, “Why don’t we ask the DNC: Is it okay to kill a seven-pound baby in the uterus?” Senator Paul did what so many are clamoring for, which is to hear someone directly challenge the traps set by the leftist media.  In this case it was the “abortion trap” and their relentless attempt to marginalize and paint as an extremist any candidate not running under the banner of the Democrat Party.  Paul took a “take no prisoners” approach and fought leftist fire with his own fire, turning the issue back on the true extremists.  It is a winning strategy.

However, instead of praise for boldly rejecting the stale media mantra of the GOP attacking women’s rights by denying abortions, Paul got a bucket of cold water thrown on him in the form of silence from those who should have rallied to his corner.  Senator Paul’s challenge to the left’s narrative exposed the extreme and wildly out of touch position of the Democrat Party leadership .  He called them out on the evil of advocating for the murder of children over 20 weeks in the womb. He was right and he was ignored. Shame on Republicans for letting this opportunity slip away.

Why is the GOP not backing up Rand Paul here? Why is there the sound of crickets instead of thunderous applause? It can only be one of a few reasons why he is is getting so little credit when he accomplished so much.

For certain, weak-kneed Republicans remain afraid of the gotcha word games played by leftist media, even as Senator Paul just gave them a clear example of how to defeat them. The phrases “War on Women” and “denying a woman’s right to choose” still trigger an immediate flight response from too many in GOP leadership.  Rand Paul effectively challenged the media narrative and is speaking as a part of the majority of all Americans on this issue, but the old thinking GOP strategists only cringe.

A recent “YouGov” poll reflects the shift in how Americans view abortion across the political spectrum.  Today, 52% of Americans believe life starts at conception and 66% believe a child in the womb is a person. Even among voters 30 and younger, exposed to a lifetime of indoctrination by the pushers of abortion on demand, 36% say life begins at conception with 39% agreeing it starts when the child is viable. Everyone but the most radical purveyors of ending life in the womb for any reason at any time during a pregnancy, like the DNC Chair, opposes ending a child’s life after 20 weeks.

The “YouGov” poll shows 59% of Democrats agree with life at conception or when viable with only 31% holding to the view life begins at live birth. Independents have stronger views with 77% saying life starts at conception or when viable with just 13% claiming life begins at birth. Republicans come in at 87% at conception or when viable and only the small fraction of 7% claiming a child in the womb might as well be a turnip until birth. Virtually, everyone agrees with Senator Paul on the horror of hacking a child to death in a late-term abortion as having no place in any civilized society. Yet, even with this evidence and more, Senator Paul is getting little support.

The GOP leadership failed to rally behind Senator Paul as the Karl Roves of the GOP cling to the out of touch theory that standing up for the unborn is political poison when it comes to winning over the Independent voter. Frankly, these GOP strategists view the cherished Independent voters as scared rabbits ready to bolt for the safety of Nancy Pelosi’s comforting arms at the slightest hint from MSNBC that Republicans have a differing view on abortion. The facts prove otherwise.

In Colorado, just last November the radicalism of late term abortion touted by the now ex-Senator Udall was exposed and rightfully exploited by Republicans in running him from office.  If a Karl Rove choice is anointed as the clear 2016 “front runner,” then for fear of scaring the rabbits it is all but certain some of those who happily used the position against Udall will demand silence from fellow Republicans on the issue.

Unfortunately, another reason the fabulous lesson Senator Paul provided us all is being ignored by so many is simply because he’s not “their guy.” Personally, I have issues with some critical positions Senator Paul expresses as a Presidential candidate, but when he is this right on something so important it is shameful how little credit he is receiving.  Politics trumps standing for what’s right far too often.

Senator Rand Paul took the ideological fight to the enemy. He fought fire with fire. He took a false premise the left uses against their enemies and turned it back on them using the truth and the power of the majority view of Americans as his weapons. He was effective, he showed a winning strategy, and he was all but ignored. Shame on those who do not see this for what it is; the way to expose radicalism not just on this issue, but on all issues and turning them into a win not just politically, but for what is right.

Don Rodgers has been an influential political activist and leader in Colorado for 8 years.   He is the founder, leader, and organizer of the local 9-12 Project Pikes Peak Patriots, and a military veteran.  Find Don on Twitter and Facebook.

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