USMC Major Warns Virginia Lawmakers: “Your same mindset is what 150 years ago led this country into a civil war.”

Virginia USMC Woods GUN GRAB

In November 2019, the state of Virginia elected a Democrat majority legislature to turn their entire state government into a Democrat stronghold.  The lawmakers don’t take their seats in the legislature until January 6, 2020, but they have already promised to pass sweeping unconstitutional gun-grabbing laws, and their governor Ralph …

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CO Legislators Act to Repeal State Healthcare Exchange

Joshi and Lundberg

Colorado State Representative Janak Joshi and State Senator Kevin Lundberg have introduced HB 15-1066, Repeal of Colorado’s “Health Benefit Exchange”. In the summer of 2010, Americans of every political stripe were infuriated as the Democrat controlled US Senate and House forced through Obamacare, so much so the elections of 2010 swept Democrats …

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