The President Demonizes America's Good Old Days of Pre-Financial Crisis

The President’s socialist agenda is no secret to anyone halfway familiar with that economic and political system.  He’s more brazen about it each time he speaks. However, one might expect that a cunning socialist (i.e., one who is “fundamentally transforming” a capitalist nation into a socialist one), would smoothly and seductively paint the …

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How Far Will These Hands Go?

This article also appears in the January 2011 edition of The Constitutionalist Today.  Led by the Obama Administration, the United States government Transportation Security Administration legally molests, pornifies, and radiates travelers in America, all in the name of safety. Is this just a foretaste of increased personal intrusions and Constitutional …

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Colorado Ballot Initiative Law Confuses and Contradicts

There is a critical ballot initiative petition being circulated for signatures in Colorado.  It’s the “Right to Health Care Choice” written by Jon Caldara.  If successfully placed on the November ballot, Colorado voters will have the unique opportunity to push back against ObamaCare’s unprecedented and burdensome individual insurance mandate.  To secure its place on …

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