The Apologists for Murder are Everywhere


by Don Rodgers     The apologists for murder are everywhere in our government and in our media. A dozen people are murdered by Islamic terrorists in Paris Wednesday morning, but The New York Times notes the real tragedy behind the slaughter: the growth of Islamophobia. Our president apologizes for the Islamic fascist …

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Cold-Blooded Monument Murder on Eve of Hickenlooper's Anti-Gun Fame – Could This Be A Jihadist Moment Here in Colorado?


by Michelle Morin 3/22/13 10:00pm update — A suspect has been found and killed. Former Colorado inmate Evan Ebel, whose father is an “old friend” of Governor Hickenlooper’s, was found in Texas.  A police chase and shootout resulted in Ebel’s death.  The gun found in Ebel’s possession matches the caliber …

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CBS' Lara Logan Debunks Obama Administration's Lies about the War on Terror [VIDEO]


CBS News’ investigative reporter Lara Logan spoke in Chicago this week.  She not only sounds the alarm, but she debunks any and all myths the Obama administration has put forth about terrorism, the Taliban, al Qaeda, and Afghanistan. Logan gives a remarkable speech based on years of inside, on the …

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