What Others Are Saying

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“I’m happy I found you… you’re the best!”  ~  Sharron T.

“I loved what I heard from you this morning.  I would just like to learn what’s going on from you so I will follow your blog.  You make a lot of sense to me and I appreciate all you do.”  ~  Monika H.

“Before I comment on what you just said Michelle Morin, I want to say that it confirms what I already knew and that is you are one of my favorite people on the face of the earth, that I am glad you and I are on the same side on most issues and that you are one of the most fierce and passionate advocates for what you believe in that I have ever met. I am proud to be able to call you my friend.” ~ Randy S.

“You are awesome! Enjoy what you share and your patriotic, heartfelt opinionative commentary! That’s what rocks and is the fire behind the spirit of what makes and keeps America exceptional!” ~ Keith W.

“You are helping me by using words and phrases that makes reading your posts easy and I can understand what you are saying is wrong and what must we do to correct it.” ~ Bob S.

“You, Michelle Morin, are an idiot….short-sighted, uneducated , opinionated, yet somehow smug about your stupidity.” ~ Bern G.

“Tell it like it IS, Michelle. Those of us who cherish the freedoms & Liberties of Our Home, understand and agree with you, those who wish to be joined with Obama and his Cabal, will always attempt to dismiss your rhetoric as “insane” or “going too far”. Keep up the “Good Fight”, we Americans will support you, Always.” ~  Bruce K.

“Great job you are doing Michelle. Keep standing tall with us. Semper FI !!!!!!!!!!!!!” ~ Richard D.

“Thank you Michelle we are so proud of your work! Many blessings to you!” ~ Joe M.

“A lot of people are talking about what has happened with you Michelle Morin. If you fear for your family, it would be best just not to talk.  I won’t mention it again, but just know that it is causing quite the stir.” ~  Kanda C.

“Thanks Michelle for keeping us informed. Someone needs to.” ~ Bob S.

“Thanks for all you do for the people!” ~ Al W.

“… during Michelle’s speech she continually uh said that the left was the evil part of America. And that the left hates America, and that only the right loves the constitution or freedom. That is very dangerous for her to say that.”  ~  Socialist Steve