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Updates and alerts on attempts to legislate federal government run health care in the USA.

Survey –> 2 Out Of 3 Doctors Say They Are Just Squeaking By Or In The Red


Just last week, Nancy Pelosi was telling us that “everybody benefits from” ObamaCare, see it here. Here’s the reality which Pelosi and her leftist cronies don’t want you knowing about. The Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation conducted a survey of American doctors in April/May 2012 which clearly reveals that doctors “squarely point the …

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Pelosi –> ObamaCare is About Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness [VIDEO]

She’s very proud of it as she stammers through her specious drivel about ObamaCare’s alignment with our Declaration of Independence. Begins with a slip and almost admits it’s bad for industry… “Uh, I think that, the uh, understanding of it [ObamaCare] has been, uh uh, jeopardized or-or by misrepresentations that have been put out there relentlessly, …

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Colorado Springs ObamaCare Town Hall Saturday

presents The Colorado Health Benefit Exchange – SB200 & Obamacare  Town Hall Where: The DaVinci Academy 1335 Bridle Oaks  Lane • Colorado Springs, CO 80921 When: March  17, 2012 • 10:00 am —————————– Keynote Speakers: Dr. Jill Vecchio Practicing Radiologist from Denver who has read the new health care law and has worked with state and federal legislators to oppose the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act “ObamaCare,” and institute market-based real health care reforms.  Dr. Vecchio is the …

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AP Poll: Americans Unhappy with Obama AND ObamaCare

obamacare bear

A December 2011 Associated Press poll reveals that the majority of Americans surveyed disapprove of ObamaCare, the individual mandate, and how President Obama is handling health care. Here is the breakdown of the healthcare-specific questions and results. “And please tell me if you approve, disapprove or neither approve nor disapprove …

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