#SaveTheCoSenate — What Will it Take to Save Colorado from Losing our Voice, our Rights, our Freedom? — Red Flag Gun Grab Law passes underneath the radar

No Marxism in Colorado

A barrage of dangerous Marxist ideas are quietly and quickly taking hold here in the Colorado legislature, with one small obstacle in their way:  the single seat GOP majority in the Colorado Senate.  Constitutional rights in Colorado hang by this seat, and the Democrat push to take that seat back …

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Boulder Citizen and Independence Institute President Jon Caldara WON’T COMPLY with Boulder’s Proposed Gun Ban

Caldara 2

Jon Caldara, President of the Independence Institute,  joined me to talk about how he will not comply if his hometown of Boulder’s proposed gun ban becomes law on May 1st.  With clarity, Jon unpacks how the bigoted and hateful folks on the Boulder City Council really feel about peaceful, law-abiding …

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Boulder City Council Wants to Criminalize these Great Americans, Because they Own Guns – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 4

Boulder Gun 14

Boulder City Council has pushed the wrong button.  On Saturday 4/21/2018, hundreds of gun owners lined the streets of Boulder City to make their voices heard and push back against the opportunistic gun grab.   Nearly 2.5 million yearly incidents of handgun defense go unreported, yet Boulder City Council politicizes …

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Sunday’s Massacre at the NO-GUN ZONE Waffle House Restaurant – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 – Part 1

Waffle House Photo

Update 4/23/2018:  Suspect has been arrested. Update 4/23/2018:  Suspect stole a BMW from a car dealership last week, resulting in a police chase.   He is still at large. Tragically, four innocent people are dead today following a massacre by a naked man at the Antioch, Tennessee Waffle House.  At the …

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Boulder City Council plans to ban guns – Dave Kopel joins me with an update and expert analysis

Boulder Gun Grab

The Parkland Florida high school massacre continues to be propagandized as fuel for leftist gun grabs across the nation.  Colorado’s Boulder City Council held a meeting last week and passed a first reading to ban and grab more guns, broadly:  “assault weapons, bump stocks and high capacity magazines.”  Complete Colorado reports …

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Want a chance to win this Limited Edition Glock 43 ProGlo?


Join me at the Whistling Pines Gun Club West this Saturday July 30th for Colorado’s premiere Firearms Festival.  Bring the whole family for guns and fun.  Meet firearms manufacturers, pro shooters.  See training demonstrations, firearms demos, and what other local vendors have to offer.  There will be activities for the …

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Join Me 5/23 for an Evening of Guns, Shooting, & Political Power Tools

Whistling Pines Event MM 5-23-2016_smaller

Does it feel like our free republic is neither “free” nor a “republic” anymore?  Exactly how far has the left demolished our Constitution along with our individual God-given rights? JOIN ME at a Political Power Tools Workshop at Whistling Pines Gun Club West on 5/23.  We’ll address these questions and talk …

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Guns, Deadly Force, Federal Lands, ObamaCare: Bills Conservatives Will Want to Support in the 2015 Colorado Legislative Session


The 2015 Colorado state legislative session got off to a fast start on 7 January with 117 bills introduced. Here of a few of interest to many: SB 15-039  “Concurrent Jurisdiction over certain Federal lands”. Land issues have become important as states see the feds take over more and more of …

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