California Public Schools Won’t Let Parents Opt Out of GRAPHIC X-Rated Sex Ed – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 3


It’s not really a free republic anymore when parents are told what their kids may or may not read at public school.  Always looking to control our children’s minds, leftists in California really think they own our kids, this time it’s mandatory X-rated sex education.  The California Orange County Department of …

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Sexual Abusers in Colorado Schools Need Not be Reported to Parents??? Colorado lawmaker is moving to change that with a mandatory parental reporting bill

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Over the past 5 years in Colorado, the State Board of Education has revoked licenses from 144 Colorado teachers for criminal behaviors. But contrary to logic, ethics, and plain old common sense, Colorado school districts have NOT been required to notify parents of those individuals or of their criminal behaviors, …

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CO Lawmakers Introduce Pro-Education Bills: NonPublic Education Tax Credits, Compulsory Age Change

education + choice = freedom

Colorado state legislators Senator Kevin Lundberg and Representative Kim Ransom have introduced two 2015 bills which would strengthen educational choice in Colorado.  My friend and legislative analyst Treon Goossen sent these updates about the bills.  If you support these bills, please contact your legislator as per Treon’s advice and consider …

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School Principal Wants Kids Armed with Canned Veggies to Defend Against Shooters


Potential school shooters beware:  students are now armed.  With canned veggies. An Alabama Middle School principal sent a letter home to parents on January 9th requesting that each child bring a canned vegetable to school as a form of self-defense against potential school shooters. W.F. Burns Middle School Principal Priscella …

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