You'll be Paying $48/Hour for ObamaCare "Navigators" to Steer Your HealthCare Decisions [VIDEO]

Betsy McCaughey in Fox News interview with Stuart Varney

by Michelle Morin

Betsy McCaughey in Fox News interview with Stuart Varney

Betsy McCaughey in Fox News interview with Stuart Varney

Now the REAL nightmare of ObamaCare begins to unfold.

Starting October 1st, that beastly bureaucracy we call ObamaCare will be employing tens of thousands of “navigators.”  These navigators will be hired based on their race and ethnicity, and will be paid with your tax dollars from $24 – $48 per hour to help you choose your health care “options.”

On April 5, Fox Business’ Stuart Varney interviewed Betsy McCaughey, author of “Beating ObamaCare,” and McCaughey revealed that in California, background checks  are being protested for these navigators because “it would render ineligible too  many minority men with previous convictions.”


What’s the cost for these new navigators?  A mere $100,000,000 per year.

And who pays their coveted 6x higher than minimum wages?  The citizens living in states which set up health exchanges will pay the bill.  And by the way, “health care exchanges” are really just another way of saying “gigantic, unaccountable, expensive, state-level bureaucracies which give the federal government all the information it ever wanted about and control over each states’ citizens.”  In those wiser states which have refused to cave to Obama’s ruse and refused to set up health exchanges, the federal government must figure out another way to force citizens to ante up.

My crumbling state of Colorado is one of those which set up a health exchange, so my fellow Coloradans and I will be footing this humongous Marxist bill – among billions of dollars from other bills our lawmakers have choked us with in recent weeks.  In fact, I wrote a 20-part blog series detailing the battle against the 13 Colorado “Republicans” who insisted on bringing this exchange to Colorado in 2011.  Part of this blogger’s mission is to rebuild the Republican party with individuals who truly value freedom, know its basis, and who will act on the principles which our founding fathers gave us, so that the GOP may become a vehicle which actually pushes back against the left rather than conceding to it, as our own 13 GOP did.

Instead of allowing news such as this (i.e., ObamaCare navigators) to frustrate you, I urge you to get involved locally now.  It’s the only way this sinking ship’s pieces can be found and rebuilt before it all descends into the abyss of history.


Michelle Morin a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.

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