Pastor of Mega Church Pimps his Daughter for Over 5 Years, NEVER Gets Caught – PART 1 with Grace


This is the true story about sex trafficking of American children, which must finally be heard and understood by every good American with conscience.  You will learn what sex trafficking really looks like:  a quiet, unseen, and burgeoning business that’s enslaving and torturing beautiful, everyday American kids from every zip …

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CO Red Flag Law Legalizes Hearsay and Search Parties, Fueled by Bad Actors and Organized Crime Groups

Soviet Flag over Gun with CO Flag over Sickle

The Red Flag law is nothing new.  It is an old tactic used by corrupt governments to confiscate firearms from innocent citizens and secure absolute, tyrannical power.  It creates a snitch society, pitting citizen against citizen on behalf of the state.  In 2019, Colorado’s Democrat legislature and governor crafted this …

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