#SaveTheCoSenate — What Will it Take to Save Colorado from Losing our Voice, our Rights, our Freedom? — Red Flag Gun Grab Law passes underneath the radar

No Marxism in Colorado

A barrage of dangerous Marxist ideas are quietly and quickly taking hold here in the Colorado legislature, with one small obstacle in their way:  the single seat GOP majority in the Colorado Senate.  Constitutional rights in Colorado hang by this seat, and the Democrat push to take that seat back …

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Colorado Democrats' Warped Ways of "Protecting Children" – Ram 4 Anti-Gun Laws, Kill Jessica's Law, Teach Kids Comprehensive Sex

by Stephanie Fisher Last week, and as always in the name of safety and “protecting the children,” Colorado State House Democrats sure were in a hurry to pass 4 anti-gun bills which make it harder for parents to protect their own children. House Bill 1224 – will ban magazines with a …

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Obama – If you've got a biz, you're not so smart and you didn't build it, somebody else made THAT happen [VIDEO]

Obama - you didn't build your own biz

Obama’s never even owned his own business. But he sure wants his audience to believe that his brand of tyranny would be the only source of entrepreneurial intelligence for successful dolts like us. Yep, he really said it: “If you’ve been successful you didn’t get there on your own.  … …

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"Of course we hid this" – The Hidden Tapes of Obama's College Embrace, Courtesy of Andrew Breitbart [VIDEO]

At CPAC 2012, and before his untimely death, Andrew Breitbart announced an upcoming release of formerly hidden videos of Obama’s 1991 Harvard years. Breitbart left us, but he delivered on his promise. From the videos he uncovered (below), Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree states: “…of course we hid this throughout …

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