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Washington, Madison, & Lincoln Thanksgiving Proclamations, Pilgrim Remembrance

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Happy Thanksgiving – Reflections on the Brave, FaithfulOnes Who Paved the Way for Freedom President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation – October 3, 1789 President George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation – January 1, 1795 President James Madison’s Thanksgiving Proclamations – 1814, 1815 President Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation –  October 3, 1863 ———————————- …

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WallBuilders’ Rick Green in Monument, CO 10/29 – Citizens Guide to the Constitution

Join me Monday, October 29th for a special presentation of Rick Green’s unparalleled class: “CITIZEN’S GUIDE TO THE CONSTITUTION” America is an exceptional country in many ways.  The freedom and prosperity we have created for our citizens and many other countries around the world is just one small example.  Unfortunately, …

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Beyond Sad, THIS is an OUTRAGE — WATCH the GOP Burn the Vote at the RNC [VIDEO]


Continued from last post…. Watch the GOP power grabbers light the match to freedom’s grassroots backbone within the party right here. How much more proof is needed? Upon taking a sound call floor vote of the new rules, John Boehner declared the new resolution adopted – but both the “ayes” and the …

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