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Top 5 Republican Influencer in Colorado

Recognized by Campaigns & Elections Magazine as a Top 5 Influencer in the state of Colorado. ~ 50 Republicans are recognized as top influencers in the state, I am recognized as one of the top 5.

2010 Colorado Grassroots Leadership Award Winner

Recipient of the 2010 Vern Bickel Grassroots Leadership Award ~ A prestigious award given annually by the Independence Institute to one grassroots leader in Colorado.

Leadership Program of the Rockies

Freedom Alerts

Powerful alerts/updates that keep you posted on all things freedom (or not). If it affects your freedom, I will alert you to it. Sign up here to receive alerts/updates emailed directly to you from Mom4Freedom.

Operation Avalanche

Founder and Facilitator, Operation Avalanche ~ A conservative discussion group

Founder, Freedom Power Tools Workshop

Founder and Creator, Freedom Power Tools Workshop ~ (Formerly “Political Power Tools”) ~ A workshop designed to equip the average citizen to become online leaders for freedom, and to influence and affect public policy using both traditional and internet social media tools. Interested in attending or hosting a workshop? Contact me directly for more information at my “Receive Alerts from Michelle” page. Make sure you include the reason you’re contacting me in the message box.

Founder, Restore Freedom Now

Founder and Administrator, Restore Freedom Now (formerly known as Stop Obama’s Health Care Plan) ~ A Facebook cause providing over 120,000 members with updates and alerts about Obamacare and other current events you need to know about that threaten our freedoms and founding principles. It’s free – if you’re on Facebook, join now.

On the Radio

Occasional Radio Guest and/or Co-Host for Colorado radio talk shows The Richard Randall Show, The Tonya Hall Show, The Jarred Rego Show, and Grassroots Radio with Ken Clark & Jason Worley.


Blogger, www.MichelleMorin.net ~ You’re looking at it. It’s where I share information, analysis, and opinion. Lots and lots of opinion.

AKA “Mom4Freedom”…

Americans have been blessed with the privilege of living in the greatest nation on the face of the planet. For the sacrifices made to birth this nation, and for the future of our children, grandchildren, and beyond, this blog is a small contribution to the movement which is taking America back from the encroaching liberal agenda that threatens to destroy our freedoms and extinguish our founding principles. To do that, we as individuals must return to the principles our founding fathers fought, sacrificed, and died for.

Please join me in taking it all back…

As an individual American, you have it within you to bring freedom back to her rightful place in our nation. Join me and let’s continue the American legacy of which our founding fathers would be proud.

Thanks for reading,

Michelle Morin, aka “Mom4Freedom”

Are you ready to act? Let’s take it back!!!

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