Obama Proposes “Free” ObamaCollege – Another Ruse to Dumb Down America


The President has announced another fundamentally transforming freebie:  community college.  ObamaCollege is two years of “free” community college for anyone with at least a 2.5 GPA, funded by you and me:  3/4 of the funds come from the federal government and 1/4 from participating states.  Obama expects it to “benefit” 9,000,000 students.  As always with this President, it’s another step in the fundamental transformation of America from free and prosperous to enslaved and mediocre, and it ultimately benefits and empowers the state instead of the students.

One of the cover-ups here is that community college is already practically free, and then some.  In spite of Obama’s boast that students will save $3,800 per year, the Data the College Board Trends in College Pricing 2013 reveals this truth:

In 2013-14, the average student enrolled full time in a public two-year college receives enough funding through federal tax benefits and grant aid from all sources to cover tuition and fees, plus about $1,550 in other expenses.

Economically,  it’s another massive tax disaster funding big educational bureaucracy.  It ensures that you and I work for the advancement of big government instead of our own personal advancement and prosperities, a necessary pillar in a strong and free economy.  Since funding would come from both federal and state monies, none of us will avoid paying for this “free” benefit, not even the students who utilize it.  Yet again, serfdom of Americans would further root itself as we work increasingly more hours each year satisfying the tax demands put upon us.

ObamaCollege saddles even more debt onto Americans, which today’s readers will never be able to repay.  Instead, we’ll gift this “free” debt onto future generations – our kids and grandkids.  As of today, the US National Debt  that you and I owe has amassed to $18,089,293,344,104.

Educationally, it’s a guise which demotes what’s supposed to be higher education at community colleges into “continued high school.”  As with other leftist policies designed to stretch adolescent dependence and stunt young adults’  maturity,  the traditional 4 years of public high school essentially becomes 6 years of public high school.   Worse yet, once it’s “free,” our federal and state departments of “education” will ensure the curriculum is strictly controlled, guaranteeing the continued dumbing-down of America’s students and now young adults as Common Core will become its mainstay curriculum.

ObamaCollege is a lie.  It’s not free.  It’s a disservice to your youth.  It further in-debts us for generations to come. And it cripples freedom.  The left’s fundamental transformation of America marches on.

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  1. James January 19, 2015 at 1:10 am #

    Personally I think its just a ruse to give lip service to the left while trying to make the right seem selfish. If he really wanted this to pass this he would of offered it up six years ago when they had better control of congress. The world is a stage and we are all actors/actresses that play many parts. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain. Don’t fall for the left/right scam.

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