School Principal Wants Kids Armed with Canned Veggies to Defend Against Shooters


Potential school shooters beware:  students are now armed.  With canned veggies.

An Alabama Middle School principal sent a letter home to parents on January 9th requesting that each child bring a canned vegetable to school as a form of self-defense against potential school shooters.

W.F. Burns Middle School Principal Priscella P. Holley wrote that this is an “enhanced procedure for intruders” as a result of “school shootings throughout the United States.”  She explained:

The procedure will be the same as in the past with the addition of arming our students with a canned food item.  We realize at first this may seem odd;  however, it is a practice that would catch an intruder off-guard.  The canned food item could stun the intruder and even knock him out until the police arrive.  The canned food item will give the students a sense of empowerment to protect themselves and will make them feel secure in case an intruder enters their classroom.

We are asking each student to bring an 8 oz. canned food item (corn, bean, peas, etc.) to use in case an intruder enters their classroom.  We hope the canned food items will never be used or needed, but it is best to be prepared.

The principal sites ALICE training and other schools which are implementing the same policies.

Hmmm.  While I’ve seen the bad guy get knocked out with heavy objects in cartoons and old-time movies, I have yet to see a canned good resist the intrusion of any bullet.

While the left in America relentlessly works to strip us of our Constitutional 2nd Amendment rights which afford true empowerment and self-defense, that same left works through state schools and some profoundly naive school officials, such as this one in Alabama, to try and cowardize Americans into believing empowerment comes from canned goods.  One can  hope these students and their parents don’t buy this ridiculously false and dangerous idea of security.

I agree with the principal about one thing:  I also hope these food items will never be used or needed.  If they are, some very misled students with very good “empowered” intentions armed with canned corn could end up very wounded… or worse.

A copy of the letter is here, from WHNT News 19:


2 Responses to School Principal Wants Kids Armed with Canned Veggies to Defend Against Shooters

  1. Lynette January 14, 2015 at 1:05 pm #

    Why didn’t we think of that? Maybe we could have fought the muslims off long ago…

  2. Call Me Mom January 14, 2015 at 4:37 pm #

    Why don’t they just reinstate firearms safety classes and have the young’uns bring their firearms to shoot at the school gun range – like they used to?

    Alternatively, they could just give each child a nice “throwin’ brick” of appropriate size for the grade level, hand size and approximate strength of each child, instead of wasting all that food.

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