Wisconsin Public School Social Studies Role Play: "Capitalism to Socialism"

Capitalism to Socialism Role Play Worksheet

What are our kids learning being spoon-fed about capitalism in some of our public schools?

The image and message speak for themselves.  Thanks to Facebook friend Paul Driftmier for bravely sharing all of this, and for getting involved to do something about it.

Capitalism to Socialism Role Play Worksheet

Here’s what Mr. Driftmier wrote when I asked his permission to post the image to my blog:

Michelle, that would be fine. My daughter attends Core Knowledge Charter School in Verona, Wisconsin. This is in Dane County where Madison is located. As I’m sure your readers are aware, we are in the throes of a recall election and the teachers union is a major player in the recall and in Governor Walker’s Act-10. This particular Social Studies teacher is like a poster child for the kind of militant attitude that drives the recall effort.

Your readers may wonder what this dad is doing about this. Good question. Last year at this time my son had the same teacher, in the same circumstances, when he was in sixth grade as my daughter is now. I believe I even wrote a FB ‘Note’ about it then, which you’ll find on my FB page. In trying to ‘do something’ about this, I got myself seated on the Governing Council of this Public Charter school, like a School Board only more involved in day-to-day ops, in curriculum decisions, hiring, etc. I tried to join the Curriculum Committee and the Text Book Committee. The permanent leaders of the GC took a look at my Facebook page (after friending me) and immediately DISSOLVED those committees, asking me to serve on the fund-raising committee instead. My daughter’s experience proves the futility of effecting change in this entrenched, unionized, environment.

My daughter is in 6th Grade, is a straight A student, and an accomplished equestrian. I’m a loading dock supervisor in a machine shop here in town.

Paul Driftmier

Freedom is struggling, but brave individuals are rolling up their sleeves and pushing back… and WINNING.

Wisconsin voters didn’t allow the unions to run over either their strong Governor Walker or their freedom in the recall effort, thanks in large part to brave individuals like Mr. Driftmier.  It’s this type of moral courage which actually fights and will restore our nation to its founding principles.  Never give up, Paul.

Kudos to Governor Walker.  Kudos to Mr. Driftmier.

Might a few more good parents follow Mr. Driftmier’s example and take on this battle, so that our next generation might know freedom as we have?  Or will we let this propaganda swallow up our children’s minds as well as their futures?  It’s going to take more than one parent to dislodge the stronghold.


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