Vote NO on Prop 103 so Colorado's Kids Can Prosper

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Do you want our Colorado kids to be able to find and create jobs when they graduate?  Do you want our kids to fulfill their own “American Dream” and reach their fullest potential?

Then vote NO on Colorado Proposition 103.

 Watch my VIDEO to learn why:  

A NO vote is a VOTE FOR the KIDS, our STATE, and our FUTURE.

Colorado Proposition 103 is the only state issue on the ballot this November 1st, and according to the 2011 State Ballot Information Booklet, it proposes amending the Colorado statutes to:

  • Increase the state income tax rate from 4.63% to 5.0% for 5 years, starting 1/1/12.
  • Increase the state sales and use tax rate from 2.9% to 3.0% for 5 years, starting 1/1/12.
  • Require the state legislature to spend the money on public education by increasing funding above the amount in budget year 2011/12.

What’s that mean in real dollars?

  • We pay additional state taxes of $515 million in its first year – out of our wallets.
  • We pay additional state taxes of $2.9 billion in its 1st 5 years – again, out of our wallets.

Who actually pays these taxes?

Everyone will feel this one.  Prop 103 would:
  • Raise the income tax rate on individuals, families, small business – that would be all of us.
  • Raise state sales tax rate – we’ll feel it every time we shop.

But it’s for public education… isn’t that good for our kids?

There’s no guarantee it will be spent on education and absolutely no proof it directly benefits Colorado’s kids.  The proposition says nothing about reporting or accountability, so we may never know how or if it actually gets spent on education.
So no… we have no proof that this additional tax burden will be good for Colorado’s kids.

That’s a huge draw on Coloradans’ already tight wallets.

Yep, it sure is.  Times are tough.  Businesses are cutting back on hiring.  We’ve got hurting people in Colorado who need jobs and can’t find them.  Take a look at your grocery store receipt and check out how prices have been rising.
Take a look at the skyrocketing unemployment rates in Colorado in this graph from the US Bureau of Labor & Statistics:

In times like these, what’s really best for Colorado’s kids?

$2.9 billion is a lot of cash.  Proposition 103 is a fat double-whammy of a tax on Coloradans who are already hurting from historically high unemployment.

Squeezing every Coloradan’s already-tight wallet with this huge tax when jobs are scarce now virtually guarantees fewer jobs and opportunities for Colorado’s graduating kids, both now and in the future.

Want to vote for the future of Colorado’s kids?  Vote NO on Prop 103.

Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger, speaker, and patriot for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for valuable freedom updates here.

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