Sexual Abusers in Colorado Schools Need Not be Reported to Parents??? Colorado lawmaker is moving to change that with a mandatory parental reporting bill

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Over the past 5 years in Colorado, the State Board of Education has revoked licenses from 144 Colorado teachers for criminal behaviors. But contrary to logic, ethics, and plain old common sense, Colorado school districts have NOT been required to notify parents of those individuals or of their criminal behaviors, leaving our kids unsafe and exposed to unnecessary risk!

Colorado State Representative Paul Lundeen is aggressively working to change the law, so that there is transparency and light shining on criminal activity committed by school employees, for the sake of safety for the children they work around everyday.  It’s called the Parent Notice for Student Safety and Protection bill, HB18-1269.  Representative Lundeen joined my show to share more about why this bill is necessary, where it stands in the legislature, and what you can do to ensure its passage.

Listen here, and please share this with your Colorado friends:

Representative Lundeen calls this bill an “Information-is-Power-Bill.” As of this writing, the bill has passed the State House, and is on its way to the Senate.

If you want to see this common-sense bill become law, contact your Colorado State Senator here this week and urge them to vote FOR HB18-1269.

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