California Public Schools Won’t Let Parents Opt Out of GRAPHIC X-Rated Sex Ed – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 3


It’s not really a free republic anymore when parents are told what their kids may or may not read at public school.  Always looking to control our children’s minds, leftists in California really think they own our kids, this time it’s mandatory X-rated sex education. 

The California Orange County Department of Education sent a memo to parents on March 29, 2018.  Contrary to what California’s law says about it, the DOE told the Orange County School District that parents may NOT opt their children out of “LGBT-sensitive” training.  It’s training that is chock-full of graphic X-rated information for your kids.  Get your ear-and-eye-bleach ready, this stuff is not for the faint of heart.

More about this American Marxist moment in Segment 3.  WARNING:  This podcast is NOT for children!

Parents don’t serve public schools.  Public schools serve parents.  That truth has gotten lost as well-paid school administrators have decided they own our children.

Read for yourself the memo from Orange County DOE here.

I’m sorry for the carrot photo.  There was no easy image to find for this post.  If you heard the entire podcast, you know why.    

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