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Colorado Lawmakers: “Offending us is bullying and is punishable by jail”

Colorado Silence Or Else

Last week, the Colorado House passed a “cyberbullying” bill which kills free speech and could land you in jail with fines if you annoy (translation: offend or insult) someone using your phone, email, social media or an other medium that’s electronic and interactive.  Democrat Representative Rhonda Fields (D-Aurora) sponsored it, but some …

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The Fight is On NOW Against 7 Gun Bills That Would Criminalize the Innocent – HELP Call & Email Today

by Michelle Morin Senator contact information, bill details, and links to watch it all live are included in this post. Colorado Senate Republicans plan on invoking a “Teachable Moment” (i.e., a filibuster) today with the lawmakers who would criminalize innocent Coloradans. From Denver’s KDVR Fox 31: Senate Republicans are planning a …

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What’s Wrong with the Colorado GOP?


by Bob Adelmann John Ransom thinks he knows. He’s been inside the beast and the picture isn’t pretty.  Ransom used to be active in Colorado politics and knows personally both aspirants to become chairman of the state’s GOP. He likes them both, and considers each of them friends. But friends …

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