I'm Running for GOP National Delegate – Here's my Letter to Voting Delegates

Michelle Morin

Michelle Morin

Are you a GOP Congressional or State delegate who is voting this Friday/Saturday at the Assemblies?

If so, you’re powerfully poised to choose those national delegates who will determine Colorado’s selection for the GOP Presidential nominee. You want your involvement and your voice to matter, and you expect that your commitment to this process pays off.

Imagine a GOP that actually does what it’s supposed to, and:

  • Takes a clear, unwavering stand for America’s rare founding principles
  • Pushes back and defeats the very real threats to freedom and our Constitution.
  • Reflects a Republic’s most basic pillar: you, the individual.

Now, let’s make it happen.

As a delegate, you have this unique opportunity to return the GOP to its core principles. To make it happen, carefully select strong national delegates who will turn the tide, represent your voice, and honor your efforts to restore this nation to its founding. That’s exactly what I have been doing, and what I intend to do as national delegate.

Here’s why I’m qualified to be your national delegate at the RNC:

• I’ve encouraged and supported the conservative grassroots movement here in Colorado since its explosive inception in 2009.

• Through my Political Power Tools class I have taught many of you how to have an influential internet voice.

• I innovatively linked together over 100 grassroots leaders, groups and activists across the state, providing them instant access to an online freedom coalition and communications platform.

• I have tackled ObamaCare at both national and local levels, and personally built an online presence which educates and mobilizes over 120,000 Americans in the quest to defeat ObamaCare.

• I led an information campaign and citizen-lobbyist effort against the Democrat-sponsored Health Care Exchange SB11-200, which brought ObamaCare to Colorado (unfortunately, 13 Republicans voted for it).

• I co-founded a successful local grassroots organization which continues to contribute freedom resources to the liberty movement and our community.

• I am a blogger who continues to expose the left’s sham and simultaneously builds up our founding fathers’ vision and mission.

• The Independence Institute awarded me with the 2010 Vern Bickel Grassroots Leader of the Year Award.

• Campaigns & Elections Magazine (March 2011) listed me as a Top 5 Republican Influencer in Colorado.

In short, I’ve fought a tenacious fight to stop the threat of tyranny at many levels. I will do the same at the convention.

Other than your involvement, I usually don’t like asking for anything, and I never expected to “make a run.”

But today I’m asking you to vote for me as national delegate at the GOP assembly.

So that our efforts will be represented nationally… so our GOP returns to a position of strength… and so freedom is restored.

Thanks for reading, and see you this weekend!

Michelle Morin

Congressional District 5

El Paso County

P.S.  I’m supporting Newt Gingrich for the GOP Presidential nominee.  Please join me. 

This process isn’t over until the votes are counted in August.  Anything can happen, and I intend to be there when it does.

 “I am committed to staying in this race all the way to Tampa so that the conservative movement has a real choice.  I humbly ask Senator Santorum’s supporters to visit Newt.org to review my conservative record and join us as we bring these values to Tampa.  We know well that only a conservative can protect life, defend the Constitution, restore jobs and growth, and return to a balanced budget.”  ~  Newt Gingrich,  April 10, 2012

Letters of Endorsement

 To Whom It May Concern:

Michelle Morin is a skillful and popular speaker.  Her presentations, debates, and proactive conservative values demonstrate more than capable leadership, comprehension, knowledge, and communication abilities.

She has been an active and tireless advocate for the Republican Party, being recognized as one of the Top 5 Republican Influencers in Colorado, especially in her belief of the importance of rallying individuals behind our common cause.

Michelle maintains her website, mom4freedom.com, as a source of information particularly aimed at the needs of conservative Republicans.  She continually adds information to her site, keeping it current and updated.  Additionally, she participates in events held by various groups and then publishes information and links about these on her site.

Michelle is intensely involved in using social media tools to reach out and spread the message of conservatism.  She created “Freedom Tools” workshop in which she helps to teach others to use these important methods of communication.  This is helpful to many older Republicans who find this type of technology rather intimidating.

Her experiences as a wife and mother are an asset to her role as a feminine advocate for Republican Party issues and concerns.

It is our belief that Michelle Morin would be an excellent choice for Colorado as a National Delegate to the 2012 National GOP Convention.


Dr. Keith and Jennifer Lorensen

Pueblo, CO  81001

To Whom it May Concern:

Please support Michelle Morin for Delegate at the Republican National Convention in Florida this August.

If you are a delegate for the Colorado Congressional District 5 (CD5) Assembly (this Friday) or a delegate for the Colorado State GOP Assembly (this Saturday) please vote for Michelle for National Delegate.

If you know someone who is going to one or both of these assemblies, please ask them to support Michelle.

Michelle Morin is a blogger and grassroots conservative that has been active in our community for many years encouraging and teaching the conservative message.  You may know her through the Coalition for a Conservative Majority (CCM).  Many of us are politically active because of one of her classes or through the CCM.

The national delegates must pay their own way to attend the national convention and Michelle has committed to do so.

If elected, she will attend and represent our grassroots interest.  She will also return with a view of what took place at the national convention and be able to share what she found.

We will have plenty of representation at the national convention from our seasoned senior politicians.  We need people like Michelle Morin to be there also.

Michelle Morin needs your support.  Learn more about Michelle at her blog:  www.MichelleMorin.net

Jim Courter                                             

Colorado Grassroots Conservative

To All Persons Voting for National Republican Convention Delegate:
Unfortunately, we are at a crossroads in the life of our country.  Not only do we need to take our country back and our Constitution back but we also need to take our Party back. 
It is my opinion that Michelle Morin is one of those people who understands the difficulties we face and would be one of those persons we need to send to the Convention in Tampa. 
Michelle Morin is a person who doesn’t just talk the talk…she walks the walk.  As an active Grassroots Leader in Colorado, she would take with her to the Convention the message of conservatism, the importance of restoring our Constitution and she would further the message of freedom and liberty.
There is no one better.  Please consider your vote to be for Michelle Morin.
Thank You,
Bonnie Meehan
Colorado Springs Conservative Voice

Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.
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