What’s Wrong with the Colorado GOP?


by Bob Adelmann


John Ransom thinks he knows.

He’s been inside the beast and the picture isn’t pretty.  Ransom used to be active in Colorado politics and knows personally both aspirants to become chairman of the state’s GOP. He likes them both, and considers each of them friends.

But friends is friends and business is business…

…and Ransom isn’t afraid to tell what he knows:

I had rooting interest in the campaign but took no other interest [in it] until around Wednesday of last week…

On Wednesday … I got an email … that contained what was represented as a letter from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation detailing GOP chairman Ryan Call’s arrest in Idaho Springs, Colorado as a fugitive in 2011- just months after he was elected chairman.

This arrest had not been previously reported in the news media…after almost two years.

Call, an attorney, it seems, failed to appear in court after a string of tickets for speeding.  He was driving on a suspended license at the time of his arrest.

I was suspicious at the authenticity of the letter – come on, I told others, how does this escape detection after two years? – but the Colorado Statesman, a local publication that caters to Colorado politicos, later confirmed the facts of the case.

Why didn’t anyone know about this?

Two years?  That’s highly implausible. There must be some other reason why this information was buried until after his election:

There was no mention of the arrest in the Denver Post, at any time.  Nor will there be any mention of it in any outlet unless, and until, it serves the purposes of the narrow liberal, downtown Denver agenda. Post publisher Dean Singleton, a political amateur with aspirations to be a kingmaker, and the rest of the Downtown Denver Club, which includes GOP and Dems, both, will see to that.

That’s because it’s clear that interests in Denver inside and outside of the GOP – interests that mimic those nationwide – prefer Ryan Call as chairman. And they will intercede wherever they have to in order to support the weakened GOP that Call represents.

Ransom then reminds his readers of the walking disaster that the GOP is now:

This is the same GOP that failed to deliver Colorado for despite Chairman Call’s membership in the LDS church. This is the same GOP that failed to take advantage of the conservative tide that the brought.  In 2010, it lost not just the governor’s race in Colorado but the US race as well.  And lost both races while embarrassing the state.

This is the same GOP that campaigned against an unpopular automobile tax, but then hired the chief strategist behind the tax to serve as the chief strategist for the GOP in the State House. This is the same GOP that tripped over itself to become one of the first states to enact the framework for healthcare exchanges. This is the GOP that has made it quite clear that help from the grassroots, while wanted, is not particularly appreciated unless it’s the right type of help, for the right type of candidate… and in the meantime all you in the grassroots can go sit in the corner.

There it is in a nutshell: the Colorado GOP is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

But I guess we knew that already, didn’t we?


Bob Adelmann has his own blog at Light from the Right and is a writer for The New American.


Michelle’s note:  Read more on this story, plus check out links verifying that Ryan Call donated to a Democrat candidate against his conservative Republican candidate, here.

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