Sadly, GOP Shifts Power Left-ward as it Burns Power of the Individual and Delegates


It was arson.

A major GOP Rules Committee brawl ended Tuesday at the RNC.  In the end, conservative grassroots (ie, “you and me”) got burned.   See my original posts on it here, here and here.

Basically, the established and omniscient “experts” in the GOP decided it was time for a great big power grab from the people, not unlike our leftist counterparts would do.  Rather than staying with the traditional, “republic”-an way of delegates nominating presidential candidates, these “established experts” decided it was time for their chosen nominee to start selecting delegates which would, in turn, elect their chosen one.

It gets even better <sarcasm>:  The “established experts” gave themselves more potential power to change national GOP rules at anytime, rather than bringing rule changes to a vote by the delegates at the convention every 4 years.  Think of it as “executive order” power for the GOP.  This is a huge shift away from individual involvement and influence which has been the backbone and strength of the Republican party.

This information about the floor vote came direct from Colorado RNC delegate / Colorado State Senator Kevin Grantham:

RNC Wednesday Update: #CORNC

Tuesday was a fantastic experience. The opening of the convention started with the usual pleasantries and business but culminated in a crescendo of electrifying speeches. Some of the business included controversy over credentialing and rules — but what would a convention be without that? I took part in an effort to defeat a couple of rule changes. These rules ( & /16) as originally drafted would have significantly and adversely affected the grassroots movement in Colorado.  gives the ability to the RNC to make rule changes in the interim four year period between conventions. Seemingly innocuous but a shift in control from the elected delegates to the smaller group of RNC National committee people. However, it should be noted that any changes under this rule would require a 75% vote. That is a relatively high threshold and a good thing. Rule 15 (became 16) was a change that originally gave power to unseat delegates that became “unfaithful”. This rule had very broad implications in that if one was deemed unfaithful to the candidate to whom them pledged they could be removed from their elected position. While this ability still remains in the rule as it was revised the language was significantly softened. Many grassroots organizations and individuals remained opposed to this as it still opened a door to the removal of duly elected delegates. While some effort was made to appease the grassroots the better course would have been to toss out the rules and keep the faith with the many grassroots people and organizations who will make it possible to take this country back.

Thank you to Senator Grantham for updating us, and for standing firm in support of the individual and grassroots!

This is precisely why America and Colorado needs YOU.

The Republican party is the only viable party left in America which can stop the leftist agenda to crush freedom.  The party is progressively becoming less and less a party which conservatives can rely upon to fight for individual rights and freedom’s founding principles as our founding fathers gifted us.

If you value freedom and love this most exceptional nation, the clock is literally ticking.  November 2012 will determine if we the people will keep this Republic as Ben Franklin cautioned us to do, or if we the people turn this nation over to tyrannical ideology which will only let go of its power if forced to.

Ronald Reagan reiterated our founding fathers’ warning:  “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

I can’t urge my readers enough to get involved now, and stay involved at some level.  It requires a multitude of conservative-minded individuals just like you to take some action to preserve existing freedoms and restore freedoms lost.  Involve yourself now, before it’s too late.

Or expect more burning… until there’s nothing left to burn.

Need ideas on how you can make a difference?  Contact me here.


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