1580 Real Radio & Michelle at the October 3rd Presidential Debate – PIX

Sean Hannity and Michelle.

I attended the first 2012 Presidential Debate at Denver University with Colorado Springs’ own 1580am Real Radio.  Here are some of the behind-the-scenes pix.

Sean Hannity and Michelle.

Fox News’ Carl Cameron along with other big media pundits and reporters in Spin Alley.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto live from Spin Alley, post-debate.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Kirstin Powers, Juan Williams.

Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Kirstin Powers, Juan Williams, live post-debate.

“Spin Alley” – Every major media outlet had at least one booth, smallest booths seen here.

“Spin Alley” – Romney’s media stage in foreground, Obama’s in very background with curtains drawn. Major media in between.

Closer shot of Mitt’s media stage in Spin Alley. Couldn’t see into Obama’s stage.

Mitt’s media stage.

Obama’s media stage in Spin Alley. Curtain never opened while I was there. Fox News’ large stage/booth is on left.

Media Center for 3,500 bloggers, radio, etc. Spin Alley for major TV media surrounds.

Media satellites outside the DU Ritchie Center.


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