How the CNN Whistleblower Bravely Exposed and Undercut the Most Powerful Media Giant on the Planet

Cary Poarch CNN

Meet the CNN Whistleblower Cary Poarch, a former Satellite Uplink Technician turned freedom fighter for We the People.  Over a process of several months in 2019, Cary took it upon himself to expose what he was seeing happen at CNN.  Dictated by its iron-fisted president Jeff Zucker, CNN’s primary focus since 2016 has been to ensure that a legitimately elected sitting United States President is removed from office via manufactured fake news and by focusing all of its resources into pumping up a rigged Congressional impeachment process.

With the assistance of James O’Keefe at Project Veritas, Cary has exposed CNN’s relentless attempts to manipulate the country’s narrative and disenfranchise the votes of every single American who voted for President Trump.  (All four Project Veritas expose’ videos are at the end of this post, you don’t want to miss them.)

Baz, Jason, and I spoke with Cary in depth to bring you his backstory of the expose’:  

  • What was it like covertly recording the president and other CNN employees everyday at the most powerful media conglomerate in the world?
  • What would drive someone like Cary, who has been a staunch Bernie Sanders supporter with a lucrative future at CNN, to start supporting President Trump and give up a potential 6-figure salary?
  • On the day the Project Veritas expose’ was launched publicly, why was Cary still in the building and how did he almost get caught?
  • In the days of getting “Hillary’d,” why go public and risk it all?
  • How does a whistleblower of this magnitude move on, earn a living, and stay safe?

Listen here for answers to these questions and more from CNN Whistleblower Cary Poarch:  


Project Veritas’ 4-Part CNN Whistleblower Expose’ Series

PART 1:  CNN Insider Blows Whistle on Network President Jeff Zucker’s Personal Vendetta Against POTUS

PART 2 – CNN Leadership Picks Winners and Losers on Eve of Debate.  “…They (CNN) like Warren a lot”

PART 3:  CNN Field Manager:  Zucker’s 9am Calls, ‘BS;’ “…Totally Left-Leaning…Don’t Want to Admit it”

PART 4:  Alleged Sexual Misconduct by CNN Exec and Possible Cover-Up by Senior Management #MeToo CNN


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