Liberal Filmmaker Reverses Support for Mosque, Liberal Media Ignores His Findings [VIDEO]

filmmaker against mosque

Another credible source reveals big media’s deceptive, liberal bias.

Just found this from a July 3, 2012 Fox News interview.  A few months old, but worth sharing:

When asked how the liberal media is treating him since changing his opinion on the mosque, filmmaker Eric Allen Bell said this:

“Well, they don’t return my calls.  They loved me when I was saying this was a civil rights issue.  The only media that’s paying attention to this issue when I present facts, scary facts, are the conservative media.  That’s where I get invited to go on the radio and on television.  The liberal media, which I didn’t believe existed before this, I thought that was invented by Rush Limbaugh, there is a liberal media and they do have a  bias, they’re not interested in this story.  I spent an hour doing an pre-interview with National Public Radio, and I presented a lot of alarming evidence to them, and they didn’t do anything with it.

There’s a perceptive disability that a lot of liberals have.”

h/t Grace Young


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