#SaveTheCoSenate — What Will it Take to Save Colorado from Losing our Voice, our Rights, our Freedom? — Red Flag Gun Grab Law passes underneath the radar

No Marxism in Colorado

A barrage of dangerous Marxist ideas are quietly and quickly taking hold here in the Colorado legislature, with one small obstacle in their way:  the single seat GOP majority in the Colorado Senate.  Constitutional rights in Colorado hang by this seat, and the Democrat push to take that seat back is underway.     

  • If we lose this single seat in the November 2018 election, we won’t recognize our state within a matter of a few years.  One case in point, out of many, is this unconstitutional, gun-grabbing Red Flag law that will only be stopped by that single seat majority.
  • The Red Flag law is an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” which allows anyone who knows you to deem you mentally unstable and have your firearms confiscated.  This bill has passed in the Colorado House (sadly, with 2 GOP voting “YES”), and if the single GOP majority seat in the Colorado Senate won’t stop it, the bill becomes law.
  • If the GOP Senate stops it this year, and if the Democrats take that seat in November, the Red Flag law will come back in 2019, and there will be nothing to stop its passage into law.
  • Leftists nationwide are working hard to get the Colorado Senate back with this seat.
  • How can we save Colorado from this and more unconstitutional moves against us?  Follow #SaveTheCoSenate on social media and online to learn more.


Listen to my show with special guest Don Rodgers and the founders of Restore Colorado Now here to learn more:

All politics is now local.  There is no other option but to #SaveTheCoSenate.  Stay tuned, I’ll be keeping you posted right here.


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