What is Colorado’s Red Flag Law & What Makes it so Dangerous? Meet Hero for Liberty & Weld County Sheriff Steven Reams

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Colorado’s Red Flag law goes into effect on January 1, 2020.  Officially titled HB 19-1177 “Emergency Risk Protection Order,” or ERPO, this is an incredibly dangerous law which puts Colorado citizens in high risk territory of losing more than just our 2nd Amendment rights.  Also consequentially at risk are our 1st Amendment rights, our 4th Amendment rights, and our basic constitutional right to due process within the judicial system.

Weld County Sheriff Steven Reams from Colorado says his office will not enforce the law, and that he is willing to go to jail over it.  Sheriff Reams is the most knowledgable and outspoken opponent of the law.  He joined the show to explain exactly what Colorado’s Red Flag law is, and demonstrate how this bill threatens many of our constitutionally protected individual liberties.

Sheriff Reams points out that in the name of mental health, the Colorado Red Flag law is not a mental health bill.  It addresses zero mental health issues.  Instead, it is a gun-grab law which pits citizen against citizen as snitches, so that legally obtained and owned firearms may be confiscated by the government from innocent citizens without any constitutional due process.  Rather than “innocent until proven guilty,” Colorado’s Red Flag law deems targeted citizens as “mentally unfit” and “insane until proven sane.”

No matter where you live, I urge you to listen to every minute of this critical 2-part conversation with Sheriff Reams.  Colorado’s Democrats have put us on a dangerous path which will undoubtedly bring devastating consequences to us as individuals, law enforcement, our judicial system, and our most basic constitutional rights.

Part 1

Sheriff Reams explains, in detail, every aspect of Colorado’s Red Flag law.  

Part 2

Sheriff Reams wraps up with our own Bazzel Baz, who has been on the ground in nations when similar laws have been enforced across the world.  The consequences have been disastrous and murderous for the masses.  Trust me, we don’t want what Baz has seen to become us.  

Thank you, Sheriff Reams.  You are a modern-day hero for standing between tyranny and We the People.  We need more Sheriffs like you. 

My open invitation to Law Enforcement:  I invite any Sheriff or Police Chief from any jurisdiction, whether in Colorado or out of state, to join the show and share your thoughts and intentions about any similar law in your state.  Please join us and make yourself part of this critical conversation.  Message me directly through my “Contact Michelle” page.

Stay informed at this critical juncture in Colorado’s history so that you know how to stay safe in this upcoming volatile chapter in our state’s history, and so you know how to vote next election.  To be uninformed now will prove disastrous for all of us.  Check back often, I will be adding more content as time allows.

2 Responses to What is Colorado’s Red Flag Law & What Makes it so Dangerous? Meet Hero for Liberty & Weld County Sheriff Steven Reams

  1. Vivian Kay Seale January 1, 2020 at 9:08 pm #

    Keep up with your good work Sheriff Reams. All of the people who care cannot be complacent, but must step forward and speak out now. This is a ridiculous law!

  2. William L Hayes January 3, 2020 at 1:16 am #

    Why not legally deputize every citizen i the State of Colorado as a Deputy and authorize them to carry a firearm. Red Flag Law or Not, the State of Colorado just made their red flag law obsolete by deputizing everyone in the State to own a firearm (Except Criminals – you can’t Deputize Criminals)

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