Boulder City Council plans to ban guns – Dave Kopel joins me with an update and expert analysis

Boulder Gun Grab

The Parkland Florida high school massacre continues to be propagandized as fuel for leftist gun grabs across the nation. 

Colorado’s Boulder City Council held a meeting last week and passed a first reading to ban and grab more guns, broadly:  “assault weapons, bump stocks and high capacity magazines.”  Complete Colorado reports that, “As written, the ban would require anyone legally possessing anything under the ban to either register that gun with the Boulder Police Department (fee charged) or surrender it for destruction.”

The Independence Institute’s own David Kopel was at that meeting, and joined me yesterday to update us and analyze this latest gun grab craze that’s erupting.  It turns out that, contrary to what Boulder local media reported, the majority of folks in attendance were opposed to this move, including local liberals!

Listen here:

Get a copy of Dave’s latest book, “The Morality of Self-Defense and Military Action:  the Judeo-Christian Tradition.”  You can follow Dave Kopel at his website and on Twitter here.

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