Boulder City Council Wants to Criminalize these Great Americans, Because they Own Guns – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 4

Boulder Gun 14

Boulder City Council has pushed the wrong button.  On Saturday 4/21/2018, hundreds of gun owners lined the streets of Boulder City to make their voices heard and push back against the opportunistic gun grab.  

Nearly 2.5 million yearly incidents of handgun defense go unreported, yet Boulder City Council politicizes recent school massacres to criminalize those of us who safely use firearms to prevent those millions of crimes.

Details here, in Segment 4:

Boulder City Council votes May 1st.

Enjoy these photos of the Boulder citizens at the 4/21/2018 Boulder Pro-Gun Rally.  These are the people whom the City Council wants to criminalize.  All photos from Derek Kendall, check out his website here.  Thank you Derek!



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