Illegals Bringing Contagious Diseases to a Location Near You

Scabies from ABC15

by Michelle Morin With special thanks to President Obama’s amnesty rumors and DACA, scabies, chicken pox, and staph outbreaks are spreading across southern Texas, and it won’t stop there.  Contagious illegals who have crossed into Texas sick and infected are being transported to military installations in various parts of the country, …

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Survey –> 2 Out Of 3 Doctors Say They Are Just Squeaking By Or In The Red


Just last week, Nancy Pelosi was telling us that “everybody benefits from” ObamaCare, see it here. Here’s the reality which Pelosi and her leftist cronies don’t want you knowing about. The Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation conducted a survey of American doctors in April/May 2012 which clearly reveals that doctors “squarely point the …

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