Illegals Bringing Contagious Diseases to a Location Near You

Scabies from ABC15

by Michelle Morin

Scabies from ABC15

With special thanks to President Obama’s amnesty rumors and DACA, scabies, chicken pox, and staph outbreaks are spreading across southern Texas, and it won’t stop there.  Contagious illegals who have crossed into Texas sick and infected are being transported to military installations in various parts of the country, and their contagious diseases are going with them.

Watch this from ABC15:

The President’s administration officials are calling it a “humanitarian crisis.”  Of course it is – it’s fast going to become a US citizen crisis manufactured by Obama himself, where Americans will be exposed to contagious disease which have been brought directly to us by our own President.   Liken it to biological warfare, only without the explosion.   And of course, the left already has the perfect solution to the crisis – get your ObamaCare tax dollars ready, everyone gets treated here!



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