Colorado Health Care Town Hall – Saturday, November 7th

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Colorado Friends,

Do you want to know…

  • How are you and your family being impacted by ObamaCare here in Colorado?
  • What is ObamaCare costing each of us, and what are we getting in return for our tax support of it?
  • How your doctor and his/her services to you have been affected? 
  • What can be done at a time when this governmental intrusion is failing and hurting each of us?
  • What’s coming next in the ObamaCare disaster?
To hear answers to these questions and more, join me in Colorado Springs on Saturday, November 7th.

Featuring some of Colorado’s foremost health care policy experts.

Saturday, November 7th
Colorado Springs Christian School
4855 Mallow Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

CSCS is across from UCCS on Austin Bluffs Parkway

Who is Speaking
And What They’ll be Telling You

The following presentations will be given by Colorado’s most notable health care and policy leaders, followed by an open question and answer session.

The Hospital Provider Scheme and How It is Hurting your Bottom Line by Doctor and Colorado State Representative Janak Joshi.  Dr. Joshi is a retired physician (30 years of practice in CO Springs in Internal Medicine, Nephrology, and Occupational Medicine) and current Colorado House District 16 Representative.

Charges, Reimbursement, Prices and Costs: Games the Healthcare Industry Plays by Dr. Jill Vecchio. Dr. Jill Vecchio is a board certified radiologist, specializing in women’s imaging. She has gained national attention in 2009 with a complete video series of what Obamacare really is and the disasters it would bring. She has given over 150 talks across the nation and hosted radio spots on Crawford Broadcasting. She serves as a Healthcare  Policy Fellow at Centennial Institute, a Healthcare Issues Instructor for the Leadership Program of the Rockies, the President of the CO chapter of Docs 4 Patient Care, and the Director of Speaker Training for Docsquads.

The Damage of Governmental Abuse of Medicaid by Dr. Linda Gorman. Dr. Linda Gorman is Director of the Health Care Policy Institute at the Independence Institute, a state-based free market think tank in Denver, Colorado. A former academic economist, she has written extensively about the problems created by government interference in health care decisions and the promise of consumer directed health care. In addition to her work for the Independence Institute, she has written for professional journals, periodicals, newspapers, and specialist blogs. At present, she is a member of the Colorado Commission on Affordable Health Care.

Government Healthcare Impacts on Private Insurance by Scott Rankin. Scott Rankin became a licensed insurance agent in Colorado in March of 1987. He is self-employed and owns his own insurance and financial planning practice in Greeley, CO.

Government Healthcare vs Family/Parental Rights by Treon Goosen. Treon is a leading advocate for family and parental rights in Colorado and is the State Coordinator for

Real and Practical Alternatives to Government Controlled Healthcare byDr. Mark Tomasulo. Dr. Tomasulo is a local physician, Desert Storm veteran, former Army doctor, and expert in the “direct pay” option putting you back in control of your healthcare choices. Other alternatives to government are discussed as well.

Differences in Public and Private Healthcare  and Why We MUST Strengthen the Private Sector by Dr. Mary Zennett. Dr. Zennett has an MD in Psychiatry and has been a health reform advocate for the past decade. Her mission is quality, patient-centered health care.

This is an expert line up giving their time to help all of us to not only be better informed, but to have the information we need to provide better care for our families. Invite your friends to this important event. 

In addition, we will have an update on the attempt to put “Single Payer” healthcare on the Colorado 2016 Ballot; Obamacare on steroids. A pure socialist disaster and a 25 billion dollar tax liability just for healthcare which exceeds the cost of the entire Colorado State budget. If enough signatures are obtained, we must defeat the grand deception of Initiative 20 (also known as Colorado Care). 

Hosted by 912 Pikes Peak Patriots

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