Colorado's El Paso County GOP "Leadership" – Rules for Thee, But Not for Me

epcgop central committee mtg

Update 2/17/13: Copies of Rules and Order of Business included at end of post. 

epcgop central committee mtg

Wonder why the GOP has been an election fail?

Here’s just one example of how the GOP is being run, and why the party is instilling little to no faith in voters.  Outgoing Colorado El Paso County GOP Chairman Eli Bremer (facilitator of meeting in video below) does not run for re-election as Chair, but DOES put himself and his wife on ballot as candidates for Bonus Member, AFTER published January 25th bonus member submission deadline, as stated in the party’s Rules of Order of Business. In this video, Bremer is confronted by another candidate running for Bonus Member, Amy Mitchell, who points out the discrepancy. Bremer’s appointed and salaried GOP Chief Operating Officer Bill Roy then takes the microphone to claim it was an administrative mistake, and embarrassingly defends Bremer and his own [Roy’s] “mistake” in this video.

As the meeting and questions progress, it appears that Bremer did not submit actual hard copy application on time, as written and required in the Rules, and purportedly did not even sign such application until morning of this meeting, 2 weeks after the deadline – as stated in the Rules of the very party organization over which he presides. COO Bill Roy apologized to the Central Committee for his “mistake,” followed by Chairman Bremer reading an official response from the Colorado State GOP Chairman Ryan Call stating that basically this was a matter to be taken up by the newly elected executive committee.

Apparently, THAT was the only dog-and-pony-tap-dance performance necessary to blow past the issue, ignore the Rules, and bamboozle the Central Committee voting members and 94 other Bonus Member candidates who submitted their applications on time and as required. Bremer did not recuse himself from the election, remained on the ballot, and was elected as Bonus Member.

Yes, they really do take you and me for stupid.

The predictability and folly of the performance by those in power was almost funny, if not for the serious consequences to both the GOP and freedom.  That they actually believe the average person seeing this will fall for the charade and ultimately keep them in power is an impressive display of blind arrogance.

Watch it in the following video from the 2/9/13 (Colorado) El Paso County Republican Central Committee Meeting.

More background:  A letter of complaint to the Colorado State GOP from a concerned Bonus Member candidate.

Colorado Springs citizen Amy Mitchell, the woman in the video who motioned this issue, filed this formal complaint regarding the inconsistencies. Her letter thoroughly covers the issues of concern:

——-  beginning of letter of complaint ——-

February 5, 2013

Ryan R. Call, Esq., Chairman

Don Yetterberg, Vice Chairman

Perry Buck, Secretary

Colorado Republican Committee

5950 S. Willow Drive, Suite 301

Greenwood Village, Colorado 80111


Subject: Unethical Bonus Member Candidate Selection and Lack of Credentialing Check-in Deadline.


Dear Chairman Call, Vice Chairman Yetterberg, Secretary Buck,

The rules regarding the deadlines for filing intent to serve as bonus member for El Paso County GOP have been violated with the changes benefiting the Chair himself Eli Bremer and his wife Cami Bremer along with Dale Comyford. Those of us running for Bonus Member object to this unethical behavior and request the list be revised to the January 26th version as per the rules.

It was clarified that the time and date deadline and the fact the final list will be sent with the Official Call is clearly stated in the e-mail sent by Bill Roy on January 11, 2013:

“SAVE THE DATE! ….This is notice is only a HEADS UP – final details on all aspects of the meeting will be included with the Official Call, including the listing of declared candidates.”

“INTENT TO SERVE: If you are interested in becoming a candidate for Party Officer or Bonus Member, please submit an Intent To Serve form to GOP Headquarters NLT 5:00 PM on Friday, January 25. We will elect 17 male Bonus Members, and 17 female Bonus Members. Forms are attached. Forms are NOT required if you wish to run for a District officer position or as a Division Leader. Throw your hat in the ring – we need good workers and strong leaders!”

Additionally the “Bonus Member Intent to Serve” application clearly states the January 25th deadline:

“Bonus Members are an important part of the structure of our local Republican Party! Thanks for considering running for this position. In order to be eligible to run for bonus member, an individual must deliver a signed copy of this letter to the Chairman or Republican Headquarters by Friday, January 25, 2013.”

From “2013 Rules and Order of Business” Rule 5. “Bonus Member candidates must submit a signed letter of intent to serve. This notice shall be no later than 5:00 PM, Friday, January 25, 2013, to EPC GOP Headquarters. Any vote for a write-in candidate other than a candidate who has submitted such Letter of Intent will not be counted as a ballot cast and that candidate choice shall not be counted. “

On January 25th, an open meeting was held to conduct a fair drawing to establish the speaking order and the ballot order for the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Bonus Member candidates. Approximately, 40 people were present and are all witnesses to the process. At the end of the meeting, during the reconciliation of the outcome, it was learned one applicant (Robyn Cafasso) had been mistakenly left off the list. That mistake was corrected that evening. The next day, January 26th, the Official Call was sent out by Secretary Jenny Daines via e-mail, per the information provided (see above) on January 11th by Bill Roy; the e-mail included the “Final Ballot-Speech Orders 25 Jan 13”. See attached.

The ““Final Ballot-Speech Orders 25 Jan 13” (excel document) received January 26th did have the correction including Robyn Cafasso’s name but DID NOT include Eli Bremer, Cami Bremer or Dale Comyford. The List was also forwarded by Bill Roy to the Candidates on January 26th.

An e-mail then received February 2nd, has attached the proxy form (which had been provided with the Official Call) and a document titled “2012 Org Mtg Speech and Ballot Order 2 Feb 13 (3).pdf” in PDF format showing this is the third revision and included three additional names – Eli Bremer, Cami Bremer and Dale Comyford. The excuse provided in the February 2nd e-mail was “administrative error”, but how did they not catch this when reconciling the other names during the Jan. 25th drawing when they did catch Robyn Cafasso’s exclusion?

Rule #2 of the “2013 Rules and Order of Business Org Mtg.doc” poses an additional problem with regard to credentialing for the Central Committee Meeting. As the rule is written, there is no cut-off time for credentialing, meaning the potential number of votes that can be cast is a moving target with no official credential report finalized before the voting begins. I object to this practice as it opens the possibility of vote tampering.

My second and last objection to the “Rules” is Rule #24. It allows the Chair to make up rules as he/she determines necessary which may lead to heavy-handed behavior by the chair with regard to how the meeting is conducted. Rules exist for a reason, to ensure a level playing field for all whom choose to participate.

I respectfully request you instruct El Paso County Chairman Bremer to 1) revert to the January 26th Candidate list; 2) to set 8:15 AM as the deadline for credentialing as that is 15 minutes before the last credential report as per the Agenda (see attached), and right before voting is to start. I will call a point of order to Rule # 24 during the Rule discussion & voting and beware, may others have noticed Rule 24 and object to it.

Please reply to this Complaint before the start of the El Paso County Central Committee Meeting to commence at 8:00 Am February 9th.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Amy D. Mitchell

2013 Bonus Member Candidate

Precinct 102 Committee Person


Eli Bremer – Chairman EPC GOP

Bill Roy – EPC GOP Chief Operations Officer

Richard Westfall Esq.

Bob Gardner Esq. EPC GOP Attorney

Charley Smith Esq. – Zakhem Law

Tim Priebe Esq. – Tim Priebe Law

———– end of letter of complaint ———–

These types of shenanigans not only don’t defend freedom, but they hasten its demise and corrupt the GOP in this ailing Republic.

What you’ve seen here is not unique to El Paso County – one of the largest Republican counties in the nation.  As I talk to patriot friends around the country, this is very common and widespread. Left unchecked, this unnecessary nonsense will ultimately lead to the downfall of our freedom.  If you’re reading this post and you value freedom, I urge you to personally get involved and do your part to restore this ailing Republic.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  ~  Edmond Burke


Here are the 2/9/13 EPC GOP Organizational Meeting Rules and Order of Business

EPCGOP Rules p.2

EPC GOP 2/9/13 Rules & Order of Business page 2

EPCGOP Rules page 3

EPC GOP 2/9/13 Rules & Order of Business page 3


BTW, I was also elected as bonus member at this same meeting.  I’ll be doing all I can to fight for the soul of this party so that it returns to its core principles, those of our nation’s founders.  Amidst a majority of candidates touting “unity” in the party, I was true to the situation and myself and told the voters I would fight against the left both within and without the party.  Voters still want someone who will actually fight for their freedoms.   That’s very good news. 


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