Election is Days Away, Turn Colorado's State Legislature to the Right – YOU can Help

Let’s not forget our own backyard!

While we focus on getting the right man (that would be Mitt Romney) into the White House this election season, remember that Colorado is in its own raging battle for freedom and conservatism.  Our own state can’t take many more liberal policy hits  before we see conservatism in this beautiful state as only a memory in the rear view mirror.

Want to take effective and quick action to help turn our state legislature over to conservative lawmakers, who will in turn serve us to preserve freedoms here in Colorado?  Read on…


A Letter from Colorado State Senator Kent Lambert


We have less than a month to the election!!  With most attention focused on the presidential campaigns, it is easy to forget that our Colorado state races are essential to regaining the State Legislature!

We URGENTLY need your help to regain the Colorado Senate!  Only by being in the majority can we advance a Republican agenda, and stop the destructive agenda of our opponents!

Here is how you can quickly help.  “Coloradoans for a New Majority” is a small donor committee that lets you easily contribute up to $50 on line in just a few minutes, but we need your help!!

Coloradoans for a New Majority is the ONLY small donor committee managed by the Republican members of the Colorado Senate to support our new candidates.  $50 by itself will not win these elections, but thousands of donations can join together to make a huge difference for our most critical races!!

Here’s what you can do to help now:

  1. Go to http://coloradansforanewmajority.com, and make a donation RIGHT NOW for ANY amount up to $50To put that in perspective, not helping us win this election could be a lot more expensive to you in increased taxes and government spending than $50!!  This is so simple, don’t put it off until tomorrow!  It should take less than two minutes!
  2. Forward/Share this post to all your friends, family, neighbors in your precinct, parents who want better education, doctors who want better quality healthcare, students who might want a job after graduation – anybody on your email list who can help!!  If you are married, please encourage your spouse, parents, kids, and cousins contribute too!  Only the widest distribution and response to this email will multiply our fundraising efforts!
  3. Be sure to vote!  You can check your voting status at: www.govotecolorado.com, or request a mail-in ballot through your local county elections office.  (Tip: if you vote early, you might avoid a lot of annoying phone calls from both parties and several candidates!)

Thank you very much, and let’s work together to return a Republican majority to the Colorado Senate!

Senator Kent Lambert












If you are interested in donating or have specific questions, any of the Republican incumbents would be glad to answer your questions, or call Katie Kennedy at 719-369-2266,  Katherine_Kennedy@hotmail.com.  In the Colorado Springs area, Senator Kent Lambert would be also glad to help at senatorlambert@comcast.net or 719-440-9990.


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