WallBuilders’ Rick Green in Monument, CO 10/29 – Citizens Guide to the Constitution

WallBuilders’ Rick Green

Join me Monday, October 29th for a special presentation of Rick Green’s unparalleled class:


America is an exceptional country in many ways.  The freedom and prosperity we have created for our citizens and many other countries around the world is just one small example.  Unfortunately, too many of us have lost sight of the price and basis of that freedom. This is an opportunity, with limited time investment, to educate yourself (and then your family and friends) about one of the greatest documents and acts of freedom that the modern world has ever known. 

Rick Green of WallBuilders will guide you through the Constitution in an informative and engaging manner, learning about each amendment and the background of the various amendments by looking at the writings of the Founding Fathers. By attending this threehour class, attendees will walk away with a practical understanding of our Constitution and our rights as citizens of this great nation.

With all the issues being raised in the Presidential race, we as individual citizens must know what is Constitutionally correct and what is overreach of the Government. What about the Judiciary? Now is a great time to attend a live class session of the “Citizen’s Guide to the Constitution”. Many of you have questions about some of the issues that have been raised with the different campaigns and Rick will be discussing the hot topics of the day.

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Monday, October 29th


Monument Hill Church

18725 Monument Hill Road

Monument, CO  80132


$25/ Individual (one book)

$35/ couple (one book)

$45/ family (3+) (two books)

Children 14 and under attend for free with parents.

Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase the full 6 hr class DVDs at a reduced price.

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For more info and to register, click here.


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