Democrats: YOU Belong to Government [VIDEO]


This 17-second video clip sums up precisely what Democrats believe about individuals:  YOU belong to the government.

While delivering glimpses of a beautiful church, a pleasant man’s voice tells us this:

“We do believe you can use government in a good way.  The government is the only thing we ALL belong to.  We have different churches, different clubs, but we are TOGETHER as a part of our city or our county or our state and our nation.”

<Propaganda gag.>

Now YOU can belong to the lowest common denominator group.  The leftist utopia, otherwise known in recent history as “Marxism.”

As goes the Marxist, so goes the Democrat.

All Marxist and otherwise leftist agendas attempt to force loyalty to the state, and “discourage” loyalty to God and family.  This Democrat video essentially admitted as much.


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