Obama’s Speech Helps ISIS Target Educated Women & Gays

Love-is-Love-36-states plus death of homosexuals

On the same day President Obama gave his 6th State of the Union speech touting climate change as the biggest threat to our national security while simultaneously downplaying Islamic jihad as mere “violent extremism,” the United Nations released a report detailing the Islamic State’s latest targets within territories under its control:  educated, professional, and politically active women.  From the 1/20/2015 report provided by the UN’s Ravina Shamdasani:

“Educated, professional women, particularly women who had run as candidates in elections for public office seem to be particularly at risk. In just the first two weeks of the year, reports indicated that three female lawyers were executed,” said Ms. Shamdasani.

In the same report we learn that Islam’s routine and barbaric execution of homosexuals continues to be glorified, yet again with show-and-tell “jihad porn” images:

“The ruthless murder of two men, who were thrown off the top of a building after having been accused of homosexual acts by a so-called court in Mosul, is another terrible example of the kind of monstrous disregard for human life that characterised ISIL’s reign of terror over areas of Iraq that were under the group’s control,” she added.

Last week, ISIL/ISIS also posted photos on the web of two men being ‘crucified’ after they were accused of banditry. The men were hung up by their arms and then shot dead. Photos were also posted of a woman being stoned to death, allegedly for adultery.


Muslims prepare to throw a homosexual to his death from the top of a building.



Homosexual who has been dropped to his death, as prescribed by Sharia law. Image published by ISIS.


There’s a dangerous contradiction brewing between both the words and the silence found within Obama’s State of the Union speech.

During his speech, he boasted of his alleged support for working and professional women by way of increased wages, or equal pay for women.  He also allegedly promoted women’s education by way of free college for all.

He then showed his support for homosexuals and gay marriage when he posted a graphic of the United States showing 36 states highlighted in red, with the words, “In 36 States, Love is Love.”  He was referring to the 36 states which have now legalized gay marriage.


“In 36 States Love is Love” from Obama’s 6th State of the Union address


Here’s some of what Obama said about Islam, women, and homosexuals, from the same speech:

It’s why we continue to reject offensive stereotypes of Muslims — the vast majority of whom share our commitment to peace. That’s why we defend free speech, and advocate for political prisoners, and condemn the persecution of women, or religious minorities, or people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Meanwhile, Obama is irresponsibly and intentionally concealing the most virulent threat to all Americans coming from Islamic jihad, which continues its barbaric, murderous advances in its quest for worldwide domination.  ISIS is gaining swift and tremendous traction in America through our open borders, in our public schools, in Congressional appointments, and in our national defense department, to name just a few.

Concurrently, the Islamic State makes no secret that its law and numerous adherents eagerly seek to execute women and homosexuals within its controlled territories.  It is well known that America is Islam’s “Big Satan,” the gold mine of all territories to be conquered and controlled, and America’s territory includes America’s women and homosexuals.

A nefarious stage is being set by the President himself, at one of those inevitable historical junctions where left meets left and finally begins to implode upon itself.  Obama’s silent yet steady patronage of Islamic jihad will eventually collide with his alleged promotion and advocacy for women and homosexuals, and unless the Islamic State is stopped, there will be only one winner.

When our President’s insidious support for the burgeoning Islamic jihad in America finally births another ISIS-controlled territory within our own borders, who is going to protect the sitting ducks Obama has made out of America’s homosexuals and our educated, professional, political women from their most voracious and barbaric hunters, the Islamic State?

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