Cold-Blooded Monument Murder on Eve of Hickenlooper's Anti-Gun Fame – Could This Be A Jihadist Moment Here in Colorado?


by Michelle Morin


3/22/13 10:00pm update — A suspect has been found and killed. Former Colorado inmate Evan Ebel, whose father is an “old friend” of Governor Hickenlooper’s, was found in Texas.  A police chase and shootout resulted in Ebel’s death.  The gun found in Ebel’s possession matches the caliber and shell casings of those used in Clements’ murder.  Must-see interview about the Governor’s relationship to the suspect here.

3/21/13 10:00am update — Governor Hickenlooper is rumored to be “in hiding.”  Justifiably, the State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion are under tightest security.  But all the leader of our state can say is “I can hardly believe it,” and then he goes into hiding. And don’t forget he hides behind his taxpayer-funded, well-armed security while simultaneously with his pen, he makes Colorado tax-paying gun owners criminals for owning the weapons which would protect themselves and their families from this same at-large thug from whom Hick hides.  In leftist-run Colorado, it’s good enough for the serfs to fund the king’s personal security, but those same serfs must not be allowed to protect themselves.  This is outrageous. Cowardice and tyranny are not distant relatives.


This, on the eve of Hickenlooper signing three citizen-controlling, anti-gun laws which criminalize the innocent and embolden the evil.

The Colorado Department of Corrections Executive Director Tom Clements was shot and murdered point-blank in his Monument home Tuesday night.  He was answering his front door only to meet his own death as a killer fatally shot him.  His killer is still on the loose.  This isn’t shaping into an ordinary murder case, and there is warranted speculation that this could have been a professional hit, possibly by terrorists.

On March 12th, Clements refused convicted rapist Al-Turki’s transfer request to be repatriated to his home country of Saudi Arabia.  In 2006, al-Turki was convicted of repeatedly raping his Indonesian sex slave, whom he kept in his Aurora basement for 4 years.

As if holding a woman hostage in his Colorado basement as his sex-slave isn’t bad enough, take a look at this guy’s terrorist ties.

Al-Turki has also been linked to notorious al-Qaedan Anwar al-Awlaki.  Not familiar with al-Awlaki?  He’s dead now, but read more about this terrorist American-killer thug’s handiwork here and here and here.

From FrontPageMag:

Al-Turki owned Al-Basheer Publications & Translations, whichdistributed Islamic works in English and holds the copyright to recordings by U.S.-born radical cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in a 2011 drone strike in Yemen.

Keep reading, it gets worse.  Even the Saudi king to whom our own President bows involved himself in this case.

From Wikipedia:

The Homaidan Al-Turki case sparked controversy and high-profile attention from Muslims worldwide, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where local media portrayed him as a victim of bias against Muslims and said he would not have been convicted of these crimes had he been tried in his native country. For example, in a show of support, the Saudi government provided Al-Turki with $400,000 to post bond. In November 2006, ColoradoAttorney GeneralJohn Suthers travelled to Saudi Arabia where he visited King AbdullahCrown Prince Sultan, and Al-Turki’s family in an attempt to clear up “misperceptions” about the U.S. judicial system and ease the Saudi royal family‘s concerns over whether Homaidan Al-Turki was treated fairly. Suthers went there at the request of the U.S. ambassador in Saudi Arabia, who had the State Department contact ColoradoGovernorBill Owens. The trip was sponsored and paid for by the U.S. State Department.

And from a 2006 classified Saudi memo [more excerpts below], the Saudi Arabian Deputy Chief of Mission Michael Gfoeller wrote this:

Some Saudi contacts even fear that this anger could encourage acts against Americans both inside and outside the U.S., including terrorist actions.

Not surprising but worth knowing, here’s the Saudi twist on al-Turki’s “character” and the US government.

How the Saudi leadership weighed in  twisted strong-armed on the case, more from the classified memo written in 2006 from Deputy Chief of Mission in Saudi Arabia Michael Gfoeller, WikiLeaks cables:

Very few Saudis believe that Homaidan Al-Turki sexually assaulted, much less raped, his Indonesian maid. Instead, they tend to agree with the claim by one of Homaidan’s defense attorneys that the FBI induced the Indonesian maid to charge Homaidan with sexual assault and rape. Saudis believe that the FBI’s motive in doing this was because it had been unsuccessful in charging Homaidan with terrorism.

Khaled M. bin Taleb, who claimed to be a longtime, close friend of Homaidan. Taleb categorically refused to believe that Homaidan had sexually assaulted or raped the Indonesian maid because he knows Homaidan as a “devout and good person” who could “never sexually assault anyone.” He said that he personally knows, and that it is widely known by many Saudis in the U.S. and in the KSA, that Homaidan is a “good Muslim” who helps the unfortunate and needy. Taleb said that he had last met Homaidan in person in 2003 at Homaidan’s house in Springfield, Virginia. Taleb said that “even if King Abdullah swore that Homaidan had sexually assaulted this Indonesian maid, no one would believe it.” Taleb stated that because it is simply inconceivable that a person like Homaidan could have committed sexual assault, many Saudis now feel that no Saudi is safe from the USG.

So gee, let’s translate:  This al-Turki was really a good guy, and that evil US government was just on a witch-hunt for terrorists. And now they won’t even send him home for Saudi-style “discipline” “honors.”  This might prompt violent acts against Americans. Tsk tsk tsk.

Hmmmm.  Well, now my readers understand the speculations about potential jihadist acts.  But first we’ve got to catch the murderer, and then try him.  Only then might we know with certainty.  Until then, it’s just speculation.

And then there is this little disturbing note about our Governor’s comments – and lack thereof.

Amidst the distorted and disgusting pressure from the Saudi Arabian government on Colorado’s executive to release this al-Turki beast (and to the best of this blogger’s knowledge at the time of this writing – readers please correct me if something surfaces), Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper has made no public comments against al-Turki’s request for repatriation to Saudi Arabia.

The Colorado Observer contacted Hickenlooper for comment on al-Turki’s repatriation request, and got no response.

And in response to the murder of Clements, today from NBCNews:

The governor [Hickenlooper] addressed Clements’ shooting in a letter sent to all Department of Corrections employees …  “Last night, Tom Clements was killed at his home in Monument,” Hickenlooper wrote in the message. “I can hardly believe it, let alone write words to describe it.”

So, his only public comments are that he can hardly believe it.  Really, Governor???

Where’s the righteous outrage from the leader of our state???

Does this governor know anything besides power-grabs and citizen-control?  

And less than 24 hours after this still-at-large murderous thug brutally slays the Governor’s own Executive Director of Corrections, this same governor eagerly signs 3 anti-gun laws which criminalize the innocent. Does this mean Hickenlooper believes that limiting gun magazine size, requiring universal background checks, and adding fees for those background checks will stop this thug from killing again?  Perhaps, as he signed those bills, he got that special utopian euphoria believing this killer will abide by his new laws after they’re enacted on July 1st?

Of course not.  Because for the left, it’s not about protecting the innocent.  It’s about citizen control.

Ultimately, if it turns out that terrorism is linked to this horrific murder – and for the sake of my beautiful state and my fellow Coloradans, I pray and hope it’s NOT – but if it is, then a can of very nasty worms will have opened, and Governor Hickenlooper will owe a lot more intelligence and explaining to Colorado citizens than he can “hardly believe it.”

May God help Colorado.


My prayers and thoughts are with Tom Clements’ family and friends at this tragic loss and unthinkable heartbreaking time for them.  ~  mm

Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.

2 Responses to Cold-Blooded Monument Murder on Eve of Hickenlooper's Anti-Gun Fame – Could This Be A Jihadist Moment Here in Colorado?

  1. DARSB March 22, 2013 at 4:52 pm #

    Now that the “jihadist” theory has been discredited will we see a correction, or at least a “never mind”?

  2. Michelle Morin March 22, 2013 at 5:52 pm #

    Will I say “never mind?” You might wish. But NOPE.

    I will NEVER apologize for sharing facts and asking the hard questions. But that’s a concept leftists hate.

    And as badly as you might want it, there is nothing to “correct.” Intelligent readers didn’t gloss over this part of the post:

    “Well, now my readers understand the speculations about potential jihadist acts. But first we’ve got to catch the murderer, and then try him. Only then might we know with certainty. Until then, it’s just speculation.”

    Now Colorado readers have some insight into just how the Saudi government involved itself into the American judicial system in a gruesome Colorado case. Colorado readers also have insight into our governor who cares more about citizen control and his own hide than allowing citizens to protect themselves. Important facts for Coloradans who value freedom.

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