Muslim Mob Stoning Christians Right Here in America – Yes, it Really is Happening [VIDEO]


You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Straight from Dearborn, Michigan.  Warning, the language and violence is not for children, even though kids got involved in the attack. 

h/t American Thinker 

No arrests were made.  The local police were obviously too apathetic and/or scared to do anything right.  As pointed out in the video, the police force couldn’t spare 2 officers to protect the Christians during the attack inside the festival, yet rounded up at least 12 to escort them out and then pull them over.

And what about the media?

Well, they’re a lot like the Dearborn police in the video.  Apathetic?  Scared?  Perhaps, dare I say, supportive of the Muslim mobsters?  I have yet to hear mention of this from any mainstream media, be it national or local.  It’s not as if this video is tough to find.

Gee, what’s a little ol’ Muslim-mob-stoning-some-Christians-incident in the United States of America?

Just another day in the life of “progressive” America… right?


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