The Apologists for Murder are Everywhere


by Don Rodgers

    The apologists for murder are everywhere in our government and in our media. A dozen people are murdered by Islamic terrorists in Paris Wednesday morning, but The New York Times notes the real tragedy behind the slaughter: the growth of Islamophobia. Our president apologizes for the Islamic fascist killers, as did Howard Dean yesterday, by trying to hide the connection to these animals and their religion by denying the claims of those same killers that they are Islamic.

    The president attacks Christians at home who fight his drive to socialist America by demeaning them saying, they “cling to their Bibles and their guns” while proclaiming the future belongs to those who honor Islam, and Islamic killers are taking up that banner by slaughtering any they believe dishonors the god they use as a catalyst for the most horrendous acts men can unleash.

   Where are those who call Allah god standing up and refuting Sharia Law; the stated basis of the slaughter across the globe? A culture in direct conflict with ours is at war with us and we hide like children chastised for speaking out and cowed by false charges of racism and the made up concept of “Islamophobia”. 

   Our western media and our socialist governments viscously attack their citizens for fighting to uphold our traditions and our God given rights by slandering us, accusing us of being potential “domestic terrorists” (see herehere, here and here), attempting to tie any evil to our concerns for no other reason than our serving in our armed forces or caring for the future of our children and grandchildren.  

   Yet, they excuse the slaughter of children all across the globe, the abuses of women so abhorrent it is hard to speak of, and the gunning down of innocent people as in Paris just yesterday.  

   Evil is real and it is growing stronger as the civilized world slinks away too cowardly to call evil out. We are being destroyed from within by a rot that fosters a culture of death. Silence and denial are evils greatest allies.

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