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CCM & LOTR Christmas Party 2011

ladies and mm

The Coalition for a Conservative Majority and Liberty on the Rocks Colorado Springs jointly hosted a patriot Christmas event last night.  Was a packed house of excited patriots. Lots of folks shared commentary and announcements via 30-second soap-box moments, followed by Michelle Malkin as special guest speaker. Special thanks to D’Vine Wines in …

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Will ALL Colorado's General Fund Go To Education??? JOIN ME THURSDAY – CO Deputy AG Geoff Blue To Speak About Lobato vs. CO

lobato image

Can you imagine what would happen if virtually all of the Colorado general fund goes directly to public education?  That’s exactly what could occur if a Denver District Court agrees with the plaintiffs in Lobato versus the State of Colorado.  It’s a case going on right now, and Colorado Deputy Attorney General Geoff …

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Citizens' Budget from the Independence Institute in Colorado Springs Thursday Evening

Join me at the Coalition for a Conservative Majority August Meeting for one of many Independence Institute mini-seminars designed to promote the Citizens’ Budget, a “Road Map for Sustainable Government in Colorado.” “Nearly every Colorado citizen has been affected by the downturn in the economy and its current slow recovery. Governments …

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Join Me to Learn More about Health Care Exchanges Thursday Evening

Join me Thursday evening, April 7th to learn more about the health care exchanges that would place ObamaCare looming with certainty over Colorado’s horizon.  I’ll be presenting the facts about exchanges and share tools you can use to push back on ObamaCare here in Colorado.  If you believe ObamaCare is the worst freedom-choke …

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Christmas with Patriot Friends

The Coalition for a Conservative Majority held its Christmas dinner this evening, and I got to enjoy a relaxing time in the company of some of the greatest people I know.  I’m honored to know each and everyone who was there (as well as many who were unable to attend).  If you don’t …

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