Will ALL Colorado's General Fund Go To Education??? JOIN ME THURSDAY – CO Deputy AG Geoff Blue To Speak About Lobato vs. CO

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Can you imagine what would happen if virtually all of the Colorado general fund goes directly to public education?  That’s exactly what could occur if a Denver District Court agrees with the plaintiffs in Lobato versus the State of Colorado.  It’s a case going on right now, and Colorado Deputy Attorney General Geoff Blue will be joining me Thursday evening in Colorado Springs to discuss the case and its potential ramifications on every Colorado citizen.

The lawsuit was orginally filed in 2005 by parents across Colorado who claim that Colorado’s school-funding system fails to provide a “thorough and uniform” education as determined by the Colorado Constitution.

Plaintiffs are claiming public school children are near starving and stuffed into classrooms.  They claim that the alleged lack of “thorough and uniform” system of education in Colorado forces schools to cut back classroom hours and electives, such that schools can’t offer required courses and students can’t get into four-year colleges.  Really??? Read more about plaintiffs’ claims here and here.

Here’s the kicker about this lawsuit, from Attorney General John Suthers’ website:

“This case could alter the relationship between the people of Colorado and their government for decades to come. One of Plaintiffs’ main arguments is that the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (‘TABOR’) must give way to the education clause so that taxes could be raised and revenues increased to meet the needs of the education clause without a vote of the people.”

Even our Democrat Governor Hickenlooper says that a plaintiff victory would be devastating to Colorado.

Lobato is now in its final week in Denver District Court, and will likely be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court.  This case will have historical consequences on every Colorado citizen.


Join me for this unique opportunity to hear directly

from our Colorado Deputy Attorney General Geoff Blue.


Coalition for a Conservative Majority September Meeting

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Mason Jar North Restaurant 

5905 Corporate Drive, Colorado Springs 80919

6:00-6:30pm ~ CCM Updates / Business Meeting

6:30- 7:30pm ~ Keynote Speaker CO DeputyAttorney General Geoff Blue


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