Just What ARE the Facts About Israel? Find out Thursday with Senator Kent Lambert

Israeli Flag

Mention Israel and you’re sure to get mixed responses, as both opinions and loyalties run the gamut.  But one thing is certain:  there is much tumult over this nation.  Our own President has suggested redrawing Isreal’s borders.

Within Israel itself, attacks and threats of attack from her many foes can be a daily matter. Most recently, the Palestinian Liberation Organization went to the United Nations seeking full membership.

Why does this matter to Israel, why does it matter to America, and why does it matter to you? Is America’s friendship with a tiny nation such as Israel even important?

Controversy Around Israel Swirls.

Get the Facts.

Join Colorado State Senator Kent Lambert and me Thursday evening, and learn the facts about Israel.

You’ll learn unique, firsthand information from an experienced Middle East expert. You don’t want to miss hearing from and speaking with Senator Lambert on this subject.


Coalition for a Conservative Majority October Meeting

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Zane’s Steak House Restaurant (formerly the Mason Jar North)

5905 Corporate Drive, Colorado Springs 80919

6:00-6:30pm ~ CCM Updates / Business Meeting

6:30- 7:30pm ~ Keynote Speaker CO State Senator Kent Lambert


More about Senator Lambert

As an attache and international security assistance officer, Colonel Lambert’s diplomatic skills were instrumental in re-establishing the professional military relationships between the United States and Jordan following Desert Storm. These actions contributed significantly to the political and military isolation of the Government of Iraq. He received special national citations three years in a row for his work in this position. In Sweden, he established the first office of defense cooperation on bilateral trade, and Baltic and Scandinavian regional security issues. He was assigned to Air Force Space Command in 2001, where he led the initial standup of the command’s Space Analysis Division and led many studies that examined all its mission areas, including support for the Space Shuttle Columbia accident investigation.

“Colonel Lambert provided outstanding leadership to help re-establish the professional military relationship with the Kingdom of Jordan, which directly contributed to the further isolation of the Government of Iraq.” — Joseph P. Hoar, General, USMC, Commander in Chief, United States Central Command

“One of Defense Intelligence Agency’s finest and most active defense attaches–a stellar performer in every area.” — Roderick J. Isler, Major General, U.S. Army, Director for Operations, Defense Intelligence Agency

“Exceptional national human intelligence collector” — James Woolsey, Director of Central Intelligence

“Colonel Lambert helped shape national policy on nuclear deterrence during the Presidentially-directed Nuclear Posture Review when his Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Study became the basis for the Secretary of Defense’s position on the need to retain a significant and stable strategic missile force.” — Colonel Thomas Allen, Commander, Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency

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