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Boulder City Council Wants to Criminalize these Great Americans, Because they Own Guns – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 4

Boulder Gun 14

Boulder City Council has pushed the wrong button.  On Saturday 4/21/2018, hundreds of gun owners lined the streets of Boulder City to make their voices heard and push back against the opportunistic gun grab.   Nearly 2.5 million yearly incidents of handgun defense go unreported, yet Boulder City Council politicizes …

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California Public Schools Won’t Let Parents Opt Out of GRAPHIC X-Rated Sex Ed – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 3


It’s not really a free republic anymore when parents are told what their kids may or may not read at public school.  Always looking to control our children’s minds, leftists in California really think they own our kids, this time it’s mandatory X-rated sex education.  The California Orange County Department of …

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Starbucks Alleged Racist Arrest is Really about their “No Purchase, No Restroom” Policy – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 2

starbucks arrest

Starbucks scrambles to save face, closing all stores on May 29th for mandatory “Unconscious Bias Training” to prove they aren’t racist towards 2 black men who were arrested in a Philadelphia store for trespassing.   Turns out, the employee who called police about the trespassers was only following company policy.  Said …

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Sunday’s Massacre at the NO-GUN ZONE Waffle House Restaurant – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 – Part 1

Waffle House Photo

Update 4/23/2018:  Suspect has been arrested. Update 4/23/2018:  Suspect stole a BMW from a car dealership last week, resulting in a police chase.   He is still at large. Tragically, four innocent people are dead today following a massacre by a naked man at the Antioch, Tennessee Waffle House.  At the …

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