Will November be a Big Blue Wave or an Exodus From the Big Blue Tyrants?


So, as Big Media would have us believe, were last week’s primaries a signal of the “Big Blue Democrat Wave” in November?  Not a chance. 

They’re pushing too hard, they’re too brazen, and their incessant bullying is a turnoff – not to mention threatening – to more than just conservatives.  My politically unaffiliated millennial minority producer Jason holds his own observations about what he sees as a shift in the Democrat party.  I want you to hear his perspective, so I gave Jason the microphone for most of this segment.

And did you know that:

  • The GOP has its own rot within the ranks:  a brothel owner and a Nazi sympathizer.
  • Another state governer passes a law to deny due process and confiscate our firearms.

All this and more, listen here: 

The Michelle Morin Show 7/1/2018

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