Democrats’ New Marxist Darling, Big Media Blesses the “Deep State,” Pedophiles on the Loose, and More

Cortez Bernie

It’s been two weeks since I recorded my last podcast, and in that time, the world’s gone even crazier.  Not sure when the crazy stops, but for the next hour you can shut out the big media noise, and tune in here.   I’ll help you sort through the chaos and learn what’s really going on.  Push “play,” and let’s stay sane together.

Segment 1:  Democrats’ new darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is about as dumb as a doornail and as popular as Karl Marx on a cold Soviet day in the Kremlin.  Colorado’s own Don Rodgers joined Jason and me today to talk about the rise in Socialism within the Democrat ranks, led by this new darling who holds both International Relations and Economics degrees, but knows nothing about either.

Segment 2:  Not only is she dumb, but she’s dangerous.  With her new power, she’s planning to turn citizen against citizen.  And become President.  Hear it for yourself here.

Segment 3:  Big Media acknowledges and asks God to bless the deep state against the rest of us “Trumpites.”  Literally.  I’m not kidding.  Oh, and welcome to the new world of “they-bies.”  Not babies.  They-bies:  Children who are raised by couples who are more enlightened than the rest of us, who will never be told they are boys or girls.  Still not kidding.  Listen here:

Segment 4:  This is a tough segment, but you must know about it if you have children who watch Hollywood-produced movies.  Or even if you just have children.  Or grandchildren.  These creepy pedophiles are brazen.  They seem to be everywhere, and they brag unchallenged about their perverted adventures.  When will we quit hiding from this disturbing evil and confront it?  Plus, homelessness is about to increase further in Colorado Springs, thanks in large part to a squatter’s website that brags on our community as the best place to squat in the country.  Because, the generous annoying Christians.  What can we do to stop this and actually help the homeless who are seriously in need?

The Michelle Morin Show, 7/22/2018

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