The Left Ratchets Tighter with Death Threats, Bomb Threats Directed at Trump Administration


Booting Sarah Sanders out of the Red Hen wasn’t enough.  Chasing Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant and protesting in her front yard wasn’t enough.  Now we learn that the left’s tactics du jour are death threats and bombing threats to all of the Trump administration, including his family.  When and how is it going to stop? 

Things are coming to a head as the left tries increasing the pressure against anyone who doesn’t agree with them.  We found out that FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s family has received full-blown death threats.  And fascist writers are reminiscing about domestic bombings of the 1970s and telling us that getting bullied out of a Mexican restaurant will be “fond memories” comparatively.

I walk through these incidents and more on today’s show 7/1/2018:

As referenced in my show, it’s so bad that we’re finally seeing what I’ve been talking about for awhile:  In its fury to victimize the useful and demonize the hated, the left has finally come ’round full circle and met its own victims who will no longer take being victims anymore.

Brandon Straka has begun #WalkAway, a viral video in which he shares truth and facts about how Democrats have used everyone for its own gain.  Watch Brandon’s inaugural video here:


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